Why you should visit St Johns Wood


You’d be hard pressed to find Londoners who haven’t heard of St Johns wood. The area is home to multi-million pound houses, celebrity residents, and has the highest rent cost in the whole of London. Interestingly, it’s also home to the Abbey Road Studios and a path into Oxford Street is less than two miles away.

St Johns wood is a delightful high street and worth visiting if you’re planning on going to London. Brimming with small boutique stores, it’s conveniently located to both Primrose Hill and Regents Park. It’s no wonder that many residents in London have decided to move here. But since you’re likely only going to be visiting for a short period, that’s likely not something you’re considering. Nevertheless, we highly recommend a visit to this special part of town.

St. John's Wood, London

St Johns wood is located on the Jubilee line, and is just 15 minutes away from Waterloo station. Some of the most famous restaurants in the area include the summerhouse and Harry Morgan. The They are both found on the banks of Little Venice Canal. The Summerhouse features French classics including seared scallops, rock oysters, and New England cham chowder. Harry Morgan serves malty salt beef bagels and warming chicken soups.

So as part of your stay in London, make sure you take some time to visit this part of the capital. Not just for the food of course. While it might not be beaming with abundant attractions, there’s something about the community spirit here that will make you want to explore the area to its fullest depth. Besides, It’s also home to the Lord’s Cricket ground, which holds around 500 cricket matches per year. Nearby, you’ll also find the ZSL London Zoo, home to more than 760 animal species and wildlife.

It can be a little challenging to determine how to best spend your days while you’re on holiday. But by visiting St Johns Wood, you’ll automatically open yourself up to a series of possibilities. Book your stay at Park Grand Lancaster Gate Hotel this season, and learn more about St Johns wood and everything that it entails.