Where to Get Your Tickets to the Rugby World Cup 2015


Rugby fans worldwide rejoice; the Rugby World Cup 2015 is upon us. It is less than a month until the big event, so if you haven’t already bought your tickets you had better get cracking before they are all gone. Tickets have been on sale since all the way back in October 2014, general sale since December 2014, and demand has been pretty high; you might find it quite difficult to get a seat at some of the more popular matches. There are still a lot of spots available, and even less subscribed matches promise truly incredible displays of rugby; enough to satisfy even the most jaded of rugby fans. So, for those eager fans, here are a couple of great ways to buy tickets to the Rugby World Cup 2015.



Official Rugby World Cup 2015 tickets are easiest to buy online. You can purchase tickets to the games online via the official Rugby World Cup, or Ticketmaster. As a note, purchasing tickets requires setting up an official Rugby World Cup website account; a useful place for extra information about the teams and matches.Usefully the official site also includes a detailed list of all the games that still have tickets available, listed by date, match and venue.There are still quite a few options available, but don’t waste time, the popular matches are going to be booked out fast.

Official Resale Service

If you do miss out on a game that you really want to see, there is a fantastic new system that has recently been put in place on the Rugby World Cup 2015 system. If there are not tickets available for the game you want, you can check out the resale service and potentially buy tickets from someone who can’t make it. The same thing goes if you buy tickets to a match and suddenly can’t attend, you can sell the tickets that you bought and cut your losses. It is a great new addition to the process that can prevent wasted seats also helps cut down the ongoing problem of scalpers exploiting fans.

Don’t forget that you need to book yourself into a hotel too. The large number of fans coming in for the matches is certain to pack out the hotels, so it’s best to book your stay as early as possible and book hotels near twickenham rugby stadium. Make sure you are in a central area that makes it easy to travel between the main matches such as the hotels in Lancaster Gate London. Having a lot to do in the area around the hotel when between matches is a definite bonus, no sense having a trip to London without spending a few nights on the town. It is promising to be an incredible Rugby World Cup so be sure you are booked in and well prepared, you don’t want to miss a second.