Where To Find The Best Ice Cream In London


Out of all the food stuffs in London, Ice Cream would not be the first one you’d think of in terms of the most prevalent food stuffs in the city. You’d be wrong however. The fact that London hosts so many different cultures and melds these into a hot pot of new culinary stylings means that even Ice Cream is not exempt to the London treatment. Ice Cream originated from Ancient Greece and throughout history has been present in various cultures. These include ancient Rome and medieval Europe before finally establishing itself within mainstream culture in the 19th century in England. Here it became inexpensive and easy to make and like fish and chips became a popular treat with both the working and upper classes. When it comes to London, so many different culinary fusions in the city has led to it being the height of diversity in food. Despite England not being a country known especially for its reputation in unique cooking, it is still not surprising that there are so many great places to get Ice Cream in the city of London. Below you can find a list of some of the best places in the city to find this treat. A great dessert for all seasons, guests at the Park Grand Lancaster Gate Hotel will no doubt revel in and hunt down these delightful ice cream eateries.


Created back in 2002 by two childhood friends in Italy, Amorino is the passion project of Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi. The shop has 11 branches across London, including ones in Soho, Islington and Notting Hill. The philosophy behind the two friends ice cream is that of exacting high quality and honest ingredients alongside a cosy and inviting atmosphere for visitors in the shops. The branches offer not only high quality and handmade ice creams that are well presented and beautiful to look at, but a range of other dessert treats including waffles, crepes and traditional Italian Granitas drinks.


Gelupo was created by Victor Hugo and Chef Jacob Kennedy in 2010 and has quickly become one of the best Italian inspired Gelaterie’s in London.  Gelupo is located near Piccadilly Circus and offers a wide range of different indulgent flavours, including a new selection of ten different chocolate flavour ice creams. On top of this you can also find various different dessert treats. The Gelupo shop, set in the heart of Soho also find s life in occasional pop up shops, sometimes working events such as Estee Lauder Fashion shows where visitors can indulge in both desserts and style.

La Gelateira

This East Village modern Ice Cream Shop took its name from the process in which ice cream was churned by gelato artisans. This speaks volumes about La Gelateira’s policy on ice cream making. They believe whole heartedly in the traditional and classic process, taking their time and effort to bring their customers the best in artisan ice cream. Coming in a range of weird and wonderful flavours including a vegan pistachio gelato, honey, orange zests and rosemary as well as a porcini ice cream, you can be sure to find something to suit all tastes. The fact that there are many vegan options as well, widens even more the draw to this stylish Ice Cream shop. There are branches open daily in Stratford and Covent Garden whilst the Summer brings pop up shops in several different market areas of London.

Ice cream


As well as having a range of wholesome flavours, Scoop is also well known and respected due to souly using natural and raw materials to make its ice cream. This means that customers are exposed to what they like to call “Natural Luxury”. This is the process in which Scoop meticuousloy make their flavours in their ice cream laboratory. Each favour is added separately and is bought from its source, delicately balanced with the other flavours in the ice cream so as to reveal subtleties and complexities in the flavours. Scoop branches can be found in South Kensington, Covent Garden, Soho and Brixton. Their flavours include black cherry, tiramisu and salted caramel.

Chin Chin Labs

One of the more unique ice creams in terms of how they make their products, Chin Chin Labs is located in Canada Street in London. The process they use to make their ice cream is through the use of nitrous oxide, using the steam of the gas to create ice cream out o dried flavourings in bags. Every week the flavours change and customers can watch their ice creams being made by this unqiue process right in front of their eyes. The unique flavours change every week and these have grown to include Bee Pollen Honey Comb, caramelised pretzels and marmite toast.