Whatever gets you through the night: 6 tips for overnight flights


Overnight flights can be an ordeal for some, especially if their body-clock demands they sleep through the night, thus not get off a plane feeling sleep-deprived and with jetlag to come on as well. In which case, here are six top tips to survive flying overnight…

Eat well beforehand; snack on-board

Should your flight not be serving a meal, eat a good meal beforehand – no greasy or fatty, bloated-causing food – and bring healthy snacks on-board with you, such as fruit, vegetables, granola bars and crackers. And most important of all, don’t forget to buy a bottle of water air-side before you board.


No to booze

If you want to sleep during your night flight, alcohol’s a big no-no. It may seem tempting – alcohol’s relaxing, right? Maybe in social situations, yes; but when you’re cooped up on aplane, not so much. Drinking water’s far better, as it will keep you hydrated and – should you be feeling anxious from any sort of aversion to flying – help reduce your stress levels.


Get up and stretch

One way to stay comfortable on a flight is to get out of your seat and stretch – if you’re drinking water to remain hydrated, you’ll have to get up and visit the toilet a number of times anyway. Consider this: if you work in an office, you don’t spend eight or nine hours straight sat at your desk without getting up, do you? Importantly, this will help your body to avoid the likes of developing blood clots or any nasty conditions from not moving for too long – probably one of the most important tips for night flights.

Eye shade and ear plugs

Ever sat next to a night owl on a flight who keeps the overhead light on reading or someone with a crying baby? If so, you’ll know you wish you took an eyepatch and earplugs with you – or very pleased you did. The bonus is they’ll take up next to no space in your carry-on bag, which you’ll appreciate when you’ve lugged all your luggage to wherever it is you’re staying – say, at the best of the Lancaster Gate hotels in Central London.

Travel pillow

Flying budget or even non-first class can result in having to put up with a relatively uncomfortable headrest on a long trip. Not to worry; just take a travel pillow with you. Granted, we all have different necks so not every travel pillow out there will be a perfect fit for you, but don’t worry there’s lots of different makes and types, so if you put in the time to look, you should the right one. It’ll be worth your time on a flight of several hours, that’s for sure.

Listen to music

For some people soothing music can be a big help if they want to drift off to sleep – especially in unfamiliar surroundings. So why not try it? Put your mobile device with its bright screen away in your pocket, pop your headphones in and allow yourself to drift away…