What to wear for a London Winter


England’s winters can be tumultuous. Not only can rain storms come and go in a matter of minutes but a single layer of cloud can be the difference between the light touch of the sun and sub-zero temperatures. This is why, whilst staying at the Grand Park Hotel Lancaster Gate it is essential that you pack the right gear to be fully prepared for everything England’s rather unpredictable winters will no doubt throw at you.

Winter Coats

A perfect coat for a perfect storm

Look out your window. Is it sunny today? It probably won’t be in a matter of hours! This is why a multi-purpose jacket is always right for a trip to London. Your perfect coat for the London winter will be both waterproof and padded so as to keep the warmth in. What’s more, interiors in London are usually kitted out with central heating so if you’re planning to be spending a lot of time inside then the key to a great coat is something you can slip off easily and quickly and can put on over layers. Layers are important as this is what will usually keep the heat in and means you can wear both formal and casual attire over each other so you can be ready for any occasion. Many affordable Duffel coats, Parkas and more formal jackets are available at high street retailers and most will keep out the rain on those wet London days.

Adaptable footwear

As a city, London holds a wide variety of terrains. From the soot spreading Underground to the grassy parks, not only the weather will is an important factor in your choice of footwear. The best option is a sturdy pair of smart casual boots, or sturdy trainers for those informal days. Leather is far more water proof than suede and London puddles can often be a force to be reckoned with. In the more busy areas, such as on the London Underground at rush hour or tourist sites, sturdy footwear can often draw the line between happy feet and bruised ones! An extra pair of socks will also come in handy on those extra cold days.

Winter Accessories

Acclimatise with Accessories

In this context, accessories refer to scarves, gloves and hats. A warm beanie or a snug pair of gloves can be both affordable and fashionable. As mentioned above, layers you can peel off when inside are essential in London so hats, gloves and scarves you can easily pack up are of most use here.