What if there is a tube strike?


There are many ways to travel in a certain place. These ways include travelling through the underground channels, buses, cars and even by sea. What is more important is how you reach a certain place and what is the quickest place? In the recent times, the safest and the quickest way to reach a place is through underground or what Londoners call tube. You have to travel by tube if you would want to ignore the traffic that is to come if you travel by buses. If you are a traveller travelling to London which is a culturally and artistically rich place then it is advised to use the facility of tube as it cuts down the time taken to travel and it also gets you from one place to another in a very small amount of time and in a very cheap way.

London Tube

For travelling in the tube, you can also get yourself Oyster cards. Oyster cards are basically also known as VISA to London with the help of which you can travel the whole of London without standing in the queues. Available in the airport for the travellers and also available in the tube stations for the others, you can get these Oyster cards and visit the whole of London.

You get unlimited travel for a certain point of time with these cards and if you want, you can also get the facility of having small top ups done at different intervals which would allow you recharge it from time to time so that you do not have any kind of problem while you are travelling and you would not have to worry for the balance that is to remain once you exhaust your card. But what should always be kept in mind are the facts that like any other means of transport, even the tube can go on a strike. So you have to keep other options always ready within your reach so that you do not have to worry when there is a strike. Here are a few options which would be very helpful when the tube services are on a strike.

Travel by bus- Now, London buses are one part of the place’s heart that it is always crowded. So, you would always find them crowded but you can have a word that the experience would be worth a lifetime. It is always wonderful to travel in public transportation because that helps in knowing the local people, what they do and how they behave. A keen observation of one’s personality can be made only when you are travelling by local transport and transportation by bus is one of them. There are many routes that the buses take which run parallely to the underground routes so if you are unsure of the bus routes yet very sure of the underground routes then take a map for yourself and you would find yourself to be equipped with the routes that would give you the exact same locations that you would cross if you are travelling by tube. You can find out the buses that are the best alternative to the tube counterparts from websites if you do a bit of research.

Next, make sure you are near the entire transport- Yes! That is a very important factor for you would always have to be near the transport facility. If you are a traveller then make sure you have a hotel which is near to all the transportation facilities and not only one transport facility. You never know which transportation facility gives up at the last moment and you surely would not want to be let down by the transport. Choose a hotel that has everything which includes restaurant facilities along with the position of it being close to the tube stations, bus stations, and cab stoppages. The staff at Park Grand London Lancaster gate hotel is sure to guide you about the routes every cab, bus has to take whenever you see that there is a strike in the tube.

You can walk down- Walking as a tourist in a foreign land might sound too courageous thing to do but in real life, it is not that difficult. The best way you can visit a place is by doing the way the locals do and that is by walking. London is a place which is filled with art, culture and everything worth seeing in every turn you take and thus you can walk your way to see. One tip that it is given is that if you feel scared that you would be lost in the foreign land then you can follow the map and trace the route the tube was supposed to take. Again, you would need to have a map with you when you are walking the tube journey so that you do not get lost while you are walking. You can also take a very scenic road where you can enjoy as you walk and see the sights that are worth seeing rather than just walking. Actually, there are even walking tours that are given to the travellers so that you can travel while walking and not miss anything is worth seeing.

Finally, you can hire a bike and cycle- You can also choose an option like hiring a bike and cycling your way or biking your way throughout the place. For opting for this option too, you need to have a map ready. There are an approximate of 11000 bicycles that are up for hire in around 700 or so locations in and around the north and south of the river. This whole area also includes the West end. You can hire the Santander cycles which you would know if they are red in colour. To be found near the docking station terminals, all you need to do is go there, press the touch screen and then click on the item that says hire a cycle. After paying a particular very meagre sum of money, you are ready to take on the whole of London.