Visiting Photo London 2019 At Somerset House

Somerset House London

London is well known for being one of the most photogenic cities in the world. Alongside its glittering skyline and countless inspiring galleries, it is the people of the city who make it what it is. With so many photogenic events and unique characters in the city, it’s no wonder that Somerset House has hosted one of the biggest photography events in the cities year. Nestled in the heart of Central London, Somerset House’s Photo London is a mid May five day extravaganza which explores the present, past and future of photography. If you’re a photographic enthusiast staying at the Lancaster Gate Hotel London, then there’s no doubt that this is the art event for you.

What is Photo London?

Photo London

Photo London is a week of events based in Somerset House which give you the opportunity to explore the history and future of photography. Taking place from the 15th to the 19th of May, Photo London is located in Somerset House, one of the cultural hubs of the city and consists of workshops, talks and exhibits of some of the best photography in the world. With a plethora of speakers and interactive exhibitions, you can buy tickets for each individual events for less than £15 alongside a full season pass giving you full access to the exhibitions and workshops.

Stephen Shore – Master of Photography of the year

Every year the Photo London exhibition pick one photographer as their focal point and figurehead, awarding them with the Master of Photography certificate. This year renowned photographer Stephen Shore takes the prize, an American photographer made famous for his everyday scenes which are injected with vivid colour and vitality. Shore will be talking through his work on the 16th of May and alongside his conversation with David Company, Photo London will showcase a series of photographs from 1969, previously unseen in the UK.

Notable speakers

Alongside Stephen Shore, there are a wide variety of photographers showcasing and talking about their work from the 15th to the 19th of May.

15th of May

The 15th of May will give you the chance to explore the work of Maja Daniels with a focus on her latest Elf Dalia project. Alongside the conversation with Daniel’s, you’ll also have the chance to explore the exciting world of art collecting, with a conversation about the profession and hobby between artists Sofia Vollmer De Maduro, Pedro Slim and German American art collector Artur Walther.

16th of May

Gerard Steidl and Martin Shoeller talk through Gerard’s close up portrait work on the 16th of May, alongside Liz Johnston’s conversation about her Hungarian portraiture.

17th of May

The 17th sees the like sof Ronan McKenzie and Vivien Maier talk through their work, alongside a lecture from Ellen Carey on her own work and its role within the avant garde of photography.

18th May

Zachary Drucker will talk about ehr work with Chris Boot about the work of transgender artists, and among others, Tim Walker will talk through the intersection between photography and imagination.

19th May

YBA era artist Gavin Turk will talk about his collaboration and partnership with Photo London this year, alongside FT Weekend’s Hannah Starkey exhibition. On top of this, you can see talks and lectures with the likes of Anne Wagner and Josh Haner