Visit Westfields London


There are countless shopping opportunities in London, from the markets of Brixton to the glittering Oxford Circus. The fact is that as a city with a thriving economy and millions of tourists visiting every year, there is always somewhere else to visit in terms of shopping. London also hosts some of the best restaurants in the world, many of which are sensibly located near or in large shopping districts. London is also at the height of fashion and therefore finds its independent and high street shops filled with both branded and unbranded clothing which truly reflects the incredible amount of variety and character that the city is known for. From London Fashion Week to the legends of the Punk era, London is well known for its unique fashion brands. Nothing represents London’s versatility and wealth more so than the shopping centre of Westfield’s, located in the East of London, easy to get to from the Lancaster Gate Hotel London.


This modern shopping centre has within its walls everything that you’d need to make your trip to London trendy and practical. From personal shopping sprees and souvenir buying to fine dining and drinking, Westfield’s has it all. It also represents the diversity of London, attracting both tourists and the already multicultural locals of London and what’s more, it’s right next to the large train station and underground service of Stratford. Stratford serves many destinations across the UK and beyond, making the Westfield’s shopping centre perfect for ease of access.

Westfield Group

The Westfield group is an Australian company founded in 1960 that has built 103 shopping centres to date and has spread into New Zealand, across Australia, the United States and Great Britain. The fact that there are so many different stores and that the company is floated on the stock exchange with 28.5 billion dollars in assets means that an investment in London seemed like a sensible choice of investment location. The stores are run by a corporation that split into two different groups, the Westfield Corporation who run US and UK operations and the Scentre Group who run the shopping centres in Australia and New Zealand.

Details of Westfield London

With a retail area of retail floor area of 1,905,542 square feet and 10,000 permanent jobs, 2000 of which are given to local residents, the shopping centre itself has within its walls about 350 stores. This gives visitors a vast range of options when it comes to shopping and dining. The store itself is centred on a 240,000 square foot John Lewis, a 32,000 square foot Waitrose and a 136,000 square foot Marks and Spencer store. On site there is also a twenty four hour casino, a seventeen screen Vue Cinema and a 267 room Premier Inn Hotel. The site it seems, has everything you could need from a shopping centre.

Westfield Shopping Centre also uses Pavegen Floor tiles. The company was founded in 2009 by Laurence Kemball Cooke and harnesses kinetic energy from footsteps to collect small amounts of electricity so as to convert the kinetic energy into electricity. Of course, the single steps of visitors is not enough to harvest energy but over time and accumulated, this energy can be used as a renewable source so as to find ecological alternatives to dirty energy. The Westfield shopping centre is not the only place where Pavegen tiles are used. All over England and beyond, in Singapore, Australia, India, and Japan and in several other countries, this technology is being utilised, not only for its energy saving, but for its use as a way of measuring walking traffic patterns. The slabs were first designed with recycled polymer and recycled truck tyres being used as a surface, the 5 millimetres compressing of which leads to the extraction of the sought after kinetic energy.

Shops in Westfield

Westfield shopping centre has an international range of shops which cater to a range of tastes. American Eagle for instance, is an American clothing brand which focuses on a quality range of printed T shirts, under wear, clothing accessories and inside and outside wear and international lifestyle wear, Sacoor Brothers who offer high end fashion for women, men and children, including knitwear, scarves and jackets.

There is also a wide range of luxury stores available in the shopping centre. These include Hugo Boss, Prada, Mulberry and even Versace. These luxury brands can be even more indulgent with Westfield shopping centre offering a concierge service to all that want to experience Westfield luxury at its best. For food there are many different choices. Bill’s, first started in the small English Town of Lewes, is a rustic, hearty restaurant café with a range of delectable hot drinks and a brunch styled menu that incorporates locally sourced produce with professionally crafting from highly trained chefs. A relaxed and friendly service will have you wanting to come back again and again.