The Ultimate London Bucket List For Park Grand Guests


Millions of tourists, travellers and visitors head to London every year to see what incredible things the UK’s capital has to offer. It’s an exciting place full of wondrous events, vibrant communities and historic landmarks. Unfortunately a lot of people will only get to see this amazing city once in their life, which means they need to make the most of it while they can. If you’re planning a trip to London and you’re not sure if you’ll be back again soon then there are certain things you won’t want to miss out on.

We’ve put together a bucket list of things to do and see that will make sure you never forget the time you spend in London, all easily accessible from your hotel near Lancaster Gate.

See Big Ben

Big Ben and Westminster parliament in London

There are a lot of things that may be considered cliché by Londoners or people who regularly visit the city, but if you only have a few days then this iconic landmark is a must-see. The huge clock tower sits alongside the Houses of Parliament and is one of the most famous sights in the world. Walk down the South Bank along the Thames and snap a picture of the huge historic palace as the sun goes down and the London lights turn on.

London Eye

London eye

Since it was built the giant Ferris wheel at South Bank has been giving visitors and tourists an amazing view of the city skyline. Snap some of the best pictures of London from the glass capsules as they take you over 400ft into the air. This may be a little daunting if you’re afraid of heights but if there was ever a reason to conquer your fears, it’s this.

Royal Guards

Royal guards-London

London is famous for its Beefeaters and Royal Guards that are stationed around Buckingham palace and other royal landmarks throughout the city. It’s a longstanding tradition to take a selfie with the iconic red-wearing serviceman who are famous for not moving a muscle. If you really want to show your friends and family that you did it all on your trip, then this is the ultimate London selfie.

West End

The West End is known worldwide for its incredible venues, world-famous theatres and award-winning shows – and you can get there via public transport from our hotel near Lancaster Gate. If you want to experience a truly magical night of fun, laughter and amazement then you need to book tickets to see one of the outstanding plays, musicals and pantomimes that London is famous for. Whether you’re looking for music, comedy, drama or action you’ll find something to satisfy your needs on the boards of London’s famous theatre district.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park

An afternoon in the city’s most famous Royal Park is something that everyone should experience on their trip to London. Hyde Park is located right next to our hotel near Lancaster Gate and provides those looking for a relaxing afternoon with a perfect green getaway. Head over to Speakers Corner where there is always something happening, from lectures and talks to demonstrations and marches. It’s the perfect place to escape the hectic bustle of the city streets and relax in the sun.