The Ultimate Guide To Camden Town


London is made up of 32 boroughs, almost 9 million people and it covers an area roughly 15 times the size of Paris- that’s an awful lot to see and do.

But don’t let the sheer size of the city overwhelm you, you can always come back and visit again!

Camden has become one of the most unique areas in the city and offers a lot to visitors. It’s an extremely historic market town and is now one of the most visited boroughs in the city- so you’re not gonna want to miss out.

In the 1970s a large motorway was scheduled to run through the area, but thankfully the plans were cancelled as the small town was thriving.

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You’ll be in the perfect position to explore the exciting and vibrant Camden, so let’s take a look at everything you need to know before you go!

The History of Camden Town

Looking back to the 60s, Camden was an industrial wasteland. All you’d find in the area would have been disused rail yards, factories on their last legs and pretty much nothing in between.

But in the 70s, during the punk revolution, Camden found its feet. Music venues and bars began to appear in the old factories, and streets began to fill with shops and market stalls.

The punk rock era saw some of the best bands in the world play in tiny Camden venues and by the 80s it was an established punk stronghold.

The markets grew and grew, and the music scene attracted many young people to the area. To this day Camden is known for its counter culture and punk rock vibes.

And of course the markets attract around 250,000 people every week.

The Best Time to Visit

If you’re a fan of busy market streets, packed pubs and bars and a general all round busy vibes then you can pretty much head to Camden anytime you like. Rain, shine, snow or sleet, there will be people shopping, drinking and exploring this awesome area.

If you’re looking for a bit of a quieter experience, then heading in at around 10 AM when the markets open is a good idea. It will still be busy, but you’ll avoid most of the crowds.

Getting There

Getting to Camden from your room at the Park Grand Lancaster Gate Hotel couldn’t be easier thanks to London’s stunning public transport system.

Simply make the 5 minute walk to the Lancaster Gate tube station and hop aboard a Central Line train heading for Tottenham Court Road. Here you’ll change to a Northern Line Train and ride until you reach Camden Town Station.

All in all it will take you around 25 minutes- easy!

Things to Do

There is a lot to see and do in the area so it is absolutely worth dedicating a day or more to exploring it.

There are no other streets in London like the streets of Camden Town.

Camden High Street

Camden High Street is a constantly bustling hive of activity. When you first leave the station you’ll find the usual boring highstreet shops- but keep walking and you’ll get to the real Camden.

Boutique stores offering amazing tattoo artistry, vintage records, second hand clothes and weird antiques- only one word springs to mind; Grunge.

Many of the shops have amazingly colourful and artistic painted exteriors that will blow you away.

It’s easily the coolest area in the city.

Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park is just on the border of Camden but it’s absolutely worth a visit. It’s one of the city’s Royal Parks and is home to the London Zoo.

You’ll also find Primrose Hill- one of the city’s best viewpoints.

Camden Lock

Eventually you’ll reach a canal, which are quite common in England. They are essentially man made waterways that were used as transport and often used locks to get up and down hills.

Camden Lock is one of the most famous in the country, although that’s likely just because of where it is rather than the lock itself.

With that being said, it’s still cool to see boats using it!

Street Art

Street Art became a popular medium in the 80s, and back then Camden had plenty of brick canvases to be filled.

It is now synonymous with the area, and some of the world’s best street artists will exhibit in the area.

You’ll find the best bits by simply wandering around and keeping your eyes peeled!

Camden Markets

The Camden Markets are actually several markets that all kind of link up to form one massive, mega market.

There are several sections, each offering something slightly different; let’s take a look.

Stable Markets

The Stable Markets are in the old rail stables, and they are largely open air.

It can be a bit less crowded here, but in peak hours that kind of goes out the window!

You’ll find a great mix of things to peruse here, from jewellery to vintage clothing and collectors items. It’s an amazing space and is surprisingly large.

There is also a statue dedicated to the local singer Amy Winehouse.

Camden Lock Market

Camden Lock is home to the wacky and wild.

You’ll find incredible and strange souvenirs, crazy antiques and pretty wonderful clothing everywhere you look.

It’s a great place to pick up a bargain.

Street Food Market

The new and improved Hawley Wharf is home to over 150 food vendors offering pretty much anything you could possibly imagine.

Whatever you fancy for dinner, you’ll find it here.

Camden Explorer

So there you have it- your guide to Camden and its stunning, grungy approach to tourism.

The Markets are home to over 1,000 stalls with some truly weird and wonderful items for sale. Make sure you don’t miss out on one of the city’s coolest areas during your next trip to London.