Tranquil spots to visit in London


Spending a holiday in London is an experience not to be missed! This more than 2000 year old capital of the United Kingdom is rich in history and home to some of the most incredible tourist attractions in the world. Whatever part of the year you visit the city there is always plenty to see and a myriad of activities to be a part of.

There is a lot of variety as well in terms of accommodation from luxury boutique hotels to budget accommodation London has it all. It is definitely recommended to make your hotel reservations in advance, whatever time of the year you visit the city so as to get a place to your liking. The city always has plenty of tourists and finding a suitable place at short notice may become a challenge.

If you are done with sightseeing and want to spend a relaxed and peaceful afternoon, there are plenty of tranquil spots to visit in the city. If you choose to stay at a hotel like the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Hotel you will be in close proximity to some of the best of these spots like:

Primrose Hill

The area in northwest London derived its name from a 256 ft hill and is located on the northern side of Regents Park. Primrose Hill also refers to its surrounding residential district. It is known to offer some of the finest views of central London, along with Belsize Park and Hampstead. It is known to be out of the most exclusive residential areas of the city and has been home to some of the city’s most famous residents both historical and contemporary. It offers an idyllic environment with tranquil and peaceful streets, while at the same time being a short stroll away from busy districts like Chalk Farm and Camden Town. The area also plays host to a number of chic restaurants offering a variety of cuisines including a number of gastro-pubs and boutiques. There are a number of vintage clothes shops, quaint book shops and pubs and bars as well that dot the high street. And Camden town is a short distance away along with Regents Canal and the ZSL London Zoo great places to spend the afternoon with the family.

Primrose Hill Park in London

The aspect that makes Primrose Hill a unique place in the city is that it is a vast green space, which lies snugly within a area that is largely built up. It is like a tranquil oasis to which residents from all over the city flock to get respite and enjoy the calm atmosphere and incredible views, which is in total contrast to the hustle and bustle of life in the city. The residential parts mainly feature Victorian terraces, which make it one of the trendiest areas to be found within the heart and outer suburbs of London. Primrose Hill still retains its rustic charm despite being an integral part of urban London.

Barge Walk, Hampton Court

The path lies along the sinuous curve of the river starting at Hampton Court Bridge and moving to Kingston. It has plenty of trees lined along the route, with vine-covered walls, boats on the river and clusters of swans floating gracefully. Midway the ground rises to offer a view of Seething Wells, former water treatment works that has large pipes opening over the river. It is a favourite spot for anglers who come here to fish in tranquil and rustic surroundings. A great place to explore on foot with a relaxed and serene ambience although, it does become busy in the area close to the palace!

Queen Charlotte’s Cottage at Kew

The lovely quaint little cottage is located towards the end of a secluded paddock within the gardens and can be best described as a serene sanctuary within a sanctuary. Built in the 18th-century this charming cottage served as a country retreat for members of the royal family. It is open to the public in spring and summer only and surprisingly attracts lesser visitors than the garden itself. This makes it the ideal place to visit if you are on the lookout to visit a tranquil spot to relax. Initially the paddock was home to a host of exotic animals which included kangaroos, which now is home to a magnificent flower garden. In the spring season it has some of the finest displays of bluebells to be found.

London Wetlands Center

London Wetlands Centre, Barnes

One of the best places to avoid the milling crowds of the city is the London Wetland Centre at Barnes. You will find graceful Alder trees along the lush green route to its entrance. There are meadows, marshlands and lakes upon which you will see a variety of species of birds with even a reptile or two. Spring is the time when there are dragonflies, frogs and a large number of wildlife enthusiasts so if you want some peace and tranquillity, it is best to avoid visiting the area in this period. In summer and in winter it can be remarkably desolate and devoid of people if you want to explore the area.

Daunt Books in Marylebone

If you are keen to spend a relaxed afternoon in a quiet place in the city drop in at Daunt books store in Marylebone. It is located in an old fashioned Edwardian store with rows of bookshelves, oak-panelled galleries and balconies to explore. Being a library it is quite and tranquil where you could gingerly saunter through the expanse and spend hours browsing the many fine books to be found here. They have a diverse range of books covering every possible genre from across the world and you can be sure of finding the rarest of rare books at the store. You will find most visitors to be book lovers who either spend their time browsing through the stacks of books or peacefully sitting in the reading section and enjoying their reading. A calm and cosy ambience makes it a great place to spend an afternoon in silence!