Trafalgar Square’s Feast Of St George


St George, the patron saint of England was a Palestinian Christian and Roman Soldier in the 4th century who was sentenced to death by the Roman Emperor for not giving up his Christian faith. Although having come from Syrian Palestine, he is the patron saint of several countries including Romania, Catalonia, England and Georgia. His feast day falls on the 23rd of April and one of the main sites of his festival happens within Trafalgar Square, where stalls line the square, selling traditional English food stuffs. The square is decorated with the red and white flag of St George. The flag itself consists of a red cross on a white background and is also the flag of England and the basis of the Union Jack flag of the United Kingdom. The day is bound to be a large event in London, and is a must for any guests at the Lancaster Gate Hotel London.

Trafalgar Square

History of St George

St George was born to Greek Orthodox Christian parents and became a roman soldier. His Mother left him a large estate which was bequeathed to her upon George’s father, alleged to be the Pagan Senator Gerontius and he was later brought to the attention of the Holy Roman Emperor for refusing to give up his Christian heritage.

St George

St George and the Dragon

Legend has it that St George was the hero of a dragon slaying. According to the book named the Golden Legend, St George slayed the Dragon somewhere near Libya, in a place called Silene. George came to the aid of a town who had a dragon terrorising it, the dragon bearing a plague which was poisoning the nearby countryside. After the townsfolk ran out of sheep, they began to feed the dragon children by a lottery and when the Kings daughter was chosen they dressed her as a bride and sent her out to the lake. By chance George rode past on his horse and with the help of the princess, wounded the dragon. The Princess and George led the dragon back to the town and told the townsfolk that if they converted to Christianity, he would kill the beast. They did and so George killed the Dragon and created a church at its resting place, from where as legend has it, magic water which cured all disease flowed from the spring.

Visitors can get to Trafalgar square via us and through Charing Cross Underground station, on the Bakerloo and Northern Line.