Top packing tips for your electronic gadgets


Most of us would agree that packing is one of the worst parts of going on holiday. There are endless things to worry about – weight limits, security scans, leaving something vital behind. But don’t worry – while we can’t tell you whether to bring that third pair of shoes or the extra bathing suit, we have your tech gadget packing list covered.

Smartphone or tablet This one is a no-brainer for most people, but in case you were thinking of doing the unthinkable and leaving your best technological buddy behind, let’s go over the reasons you’ll need it. It starts on the plane – with your tablet, you have access to your personal library of movies, music and games to keep you occupied over the long and boring hours in the air. Some airlines also now offer on-board Wi-Fi, so you can use your phone or tablet to check emails and keep in touch with loved ones on the ground. Once you arrive, your gadget lets you connect to the internet at Lancaster Gate hotels as well as find your way around, discover things to see and do, take photos and, of course, put them online for that sweet social media karma. Oh, and you can also use it to make calls.


Headphone splitter – These often-forgotten contraptions are perfect for those travelling with a companion. If one of your phones or iPods has run out, simply use this to allow both of you to listen to music on the same device. They’re also handy for watching movies together in lounges and on trains and planes, without disturbing others. Your fellow travellers will thank you for giving them the chance to grab some shut-eye.

Electrical adapter – Many a scatter-brained tourist has regretted leaving home without several of these. Your electronic devices can do you no good without power! Always look up the kind of plug required for your destination before you go; if you can’t find one that converts from your country to your destination country, a universal one will do. If you’re bringing a lot of equipment, you don’t need a separate adapter for everything – just plug a power-board from your home country with multiple sockets into your adapter, which then plugs into the wall. A backup adapter is helpful, too – you never know when you’ll get stuck, or need to charge ten things at once. Then again, some might say that being unable to use their phones and tablets is the best holiday mishap they could have had! It encourages you to look around and truly get the most out of your holiday.

Underwater camera – You won’t need this at every destination, but if you’re going somewhere with snorkelling, scuba-diving, great beaches or even just an interesting hotel pool, this will stand you in good stead. The pictures you take will undoubtedly become treasured memories of one of the highlights of your holiday.


One thing we recommend you don’t bring is your laptop. Bigger, heavier and more expensive than a tablet, they often contain a lot of important information that you’d be devastated to lose. There’s also nothing a laptop can do that a tablet can’t do these days – and many tablets have the option to use a mobile SIM card for a data connection as well. The exception to this is business trips, or the unfortunate situation of having to work while you’re on holiday. But if you truly want to disconnect from your life and work back home for a while, leave the laptop behind. Live in the moment, enjoy your holiday to the fullest, and save space and weight in your luggage for extra shoes, bathing suits and souvenirs.