Top free events in London this month


If you’re planning a visit to the country’s capital then you’ll be excited to think of all the amazing activities and attractions waiting for you. You may also be worried about the potential cost of visiting the city, especially if you’re bringing the kids. It’s no secret that London can be an expensive place to visit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your stay without breaking the bank.

At the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate we understand the importance of good value so we’ve put together a fantastic list of fun, free things to do during the month of June.


London is home to some of the biggest and best museums in the world, with thousands of historic documents and artefacts to enjoy. If you want to really experience the historic value of the city, then a trip to one of the many free museums will fill your day without emptying your wallet.

The Natural History Museum gives visitors the opportunity to browse a huge collection of dinosaur fossils and animal replicas. Both adults and kids will be amazed as they stroll through the historic halls of the NHM and learn about the history of the earth and its inhabitants.

If you’re a fan of classical art, why not visit the National Portrait Gallery totally free of charge? The collection of priceless artworks showcases some the best British paintings throughout history.

Science and technology lovers won’t miss out either thanks to London’s thrilling Science Museum. The futuristic venue is a wonderland of science and technology, with artefacts and exhibits that show the evolution of technology through the ages.

BP Big Screen

This month will see hundreds of people head over to Trafalgar Square to witness one the most anticipated performances of the year. The Royal Opera House will be streaming one of their world-class ballets live in the historic square. The free event will be shown on a giant screen so anyone passing by can enjoy what would normally be an exclusive and expensive show. The performances will be shown on the 4th and 14th of July, so if you’re in London on any of those days be sure to take advantage.

EID Festival

This lively event comes at the end of Ramadan as a celebration of Muslim culture. The festival, which is held in Trafalgar Square, is part of a mission to teach visitors and London residents alike about Islam. There will be live demonstrations and performances, as well as a variety of traditional Middle Eastern food to sample. This will be a fun and friendly even that will bring people of all faiths together for a day of celebration.

Although it’s hard to believe, you can experience the best of London on a budget, even if you’re travelling with younger members of the family. Take advantage of our great package deals at the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate to get the most out of your budget and be sure to add at least some of these fantastic free events to your trip itinerary!