Tips to enjoy an ‘Afternoon Tea’ experience in London


enjoying tea

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A brief overview of the Afternoon Tea experience in the city  

The three main types of traditional tea events in the UK come with a recommended dress code of smart casual.  Sneakers or totally informal attire is an absolute no!

Afternoon tea: Commonly known as low tea it is served at a low table in the living room in a more relaxed setting. However, it is not necessarily any more casual.

High tea: Generally served at a higher or a dining table accompanied with snacks or something substantial.

Cream Tea: It is an afternoon time indulgence and is accompanied by scones with clotted cream.

There are certain fixed rules or traditions to adopt when enjoying an afternoon tea experience. While these are simple basics for locals, tourists and travellers will probably find them to be foreign concepts.

A few such tips include:

Only use clotted cream: This is used as a spread for scones and makes the experience all the more elegant. Almost all hotels and cafes offer clotted cream with scones.

Opt for loose tea: While tea bags are okay it is preferable to opt for loose tea. This is because of their distinctive flavours that enhance the experience.

Let the leaves steep for a period of time: The tea leaves must be left to saturate for some time. Steeping it in the water brings out the flavours in the water. However, do not let it steep too long as it can spoil the taste and make it bitter. Ideally, 5-6 minutes is fine.

Ask for your choice of milk: Apart from regular milk, there are soy, coconut and almond milk. However, it is generally served with regular milk at most establishments across the UK, unless, the guest asks for a preferred milk type.

Maintain table etiquette: Finger sandwiches are meant to be eaten as the name suggests with the hands. For cake use a fork and only take small morsels, not a large bite or a chunk. Nibbling or taking small bites will look dignified and not as like you are famished and having not eaten in quite a while.

Do not be in a hurry: A English afternoon tea is meant to be enjoyed in a relaxed manner where you savour every bit of the experience. It is meant to be a relaxing experience in the middle of the afternoon, so make the most of it.

Use the napkin: Whatever the type of napkin available (linen or paper) use it to gently blot your lips and not to be wiped vigorously.