Three places every American Traveller must visit in London


Americans visit London just like any group of people around the world. But perhaps it’s fair to say that they go into the city, with more expectations. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it just reflects just how much the population has become enamoured with British culture.

Whether it be through movies, radio, or print – Americans romanticise British culture more than they’d like to admit. The British accent seems to have held a long-cast spell over them.

The idea that a British accent is an aphrodisiac in America has proliferated the idea consciousness of city dwellers in London, through smart marketing campaigns run by holiday agencies looking to entice London’s inhabitants to trips to cities like LA, New York, and Las Vegas.

While the title of this article suggests that Americans need to visit a certain variety of destinations, differently to perhaps, their counterpart European travellers, that’s not the case. Like anything, what someone might enjoy in a city is down to their individual preferences. Naturally, we’ll recommend three of the places EVERY traveller in the city must visit in London to Americans.

River Thames & The Shard

For one, either the London Eye or the Shard represents the best way to get a bird’s eye view of the city’s landscape. While most believe that London Eye is the hands down the best viewing platform, we’re not quite so sure. That’s not to say we don’t invite you to experience it – we do. But we believe that the Shard provides just an excellent experience if not better. Book your stay at the Park Grand Lancaster Gate this winter, and experience them both.

The second type of attraction we recommend is a little more adventurous. It’s a River Thames Cruise; the perfect way to enjoy the company of a loved one as you pass by the various attractions in London. Last but not least, the Towers of London will give you that much needed historical understanding you need. All of these three to four attractions are perfect to experience any season of the year, whether you’re American or not.