Things to do when it snows in London


England’s cities aren’t always prepared for snowy weather. Transport systems are sent into disarray and alternative modes of transport aren’t always readily available meaning that many schools close when the streets turn white. Guests of the Park Grand Lancaster Gate Hotel are fortunate when it comes to snow days, due in part to the hotel’s very central location. This means that there are many ways to enjoy the snow which are within walking or tube distance of the hotel.

Snowball Fight

Snowball fights in Hyde Park

As one of the largest parks in London and as one of the most famous, Hyde Park will attract many visitors, especially on one of England’s rare snow days. Why not wrap up warm and brush up on your tactical skills with one of Hyde Park’s famous mass snowball fights. With such a large park and a variety of monuments dotted around the place snow ball fights will always prove great fun. After braving the icy snowballs, you can always warm up at one of Hyde Parks’ riverside cafes. Hyde Park’s winter wonderland is also available until mid- January which provides guests with an array of market foods, bars, amusement rides and even an ice rink. Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland is perfect for a snowy afternoon and evening.

Pub Lunch

Another way to warm up your heart and soul after a tiring snowball fight is to visit one of London’s many great pubs. After working up an appetite a pub lunch is always a great way to light a fire in your belly. British Pubs are renowned for classics such as toad in the hole, fish and chips and the typical British roast. Pair that with a pint of London’s finest lagers and you’ve got your snowy afternoon sorted!

Pub Lunch

Hilly Hampstead Heath

What goes better with snow and hills than a good old day of sledging? North London’s Hampstead Heath is one of the more hilly parks of London and therefore provides some fo the best and safest spaces where you can try your hand at sledging. These days’ sledges are easy to find and affordable from many high street shops, that is unless you want to make one yourself! Hampstead Heath is also home to many forms of wildlife and a very varied 792 acres of land so you’re sure for a beautiful day out in the snow-laden hills and rivers of the heath.