Things to look out for on a winter walk through Hyde Park


When winter comes around, it can be tempting to hide away inside and avoid the harsh cold. This is often a mistake and, anyone heading to London this month, can find all sorts of beautiful sights and hidden secrets in the famous Hyde Park.

If you are planning to join us here at the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Hotel, you’ll be right around the corner from one of the most famous parks in London. Even though winter will bring with it cold weather, it will also add a natural beauty to Hyde Park that you will not want to miss out on. Here are some of the things to keep an eye out for during a winter stroll.

Princess Diana Memorial Fountain

Princess Diana Memorial Fountain

Even though the summer is no longer here and the idea of getting wet may not be all that appealing when there’s frost on the ground, you can still enjoy the breathtaking beauty of this iconic memorial and snap some pictures that are sure to make your friends on social media jealous. The fountain was made using the latest in digital design technology and was cut using high-tech equipment as an example of how London is moving forward into the modern age. Since it was added to the park, the memorial fountain has been a popular spot for communal activities, keeping the spirit of Diana alive.

Wellington Arch

This iconic triumphal arch can be found right outside of the former residence of the Duke of Wellington and offers photographers and sightseers a chance to snap a beautiful winter picture. The beautiful arch was built in memory of the Battle of Waterloo and features the famous bronze chariot statue which sits on top. As you stroll around the grounds during winter time, you’ll discover a beautiful new perspective of the Arch as it gets covered in a fresh blanket of snow.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Feel as though you have been transported into a magical world of castles and fairy tales as you explore the grounds of Kensington Palace. The iconic royal residence was the birthplace of Queen Victoria and has since been a place of pilgrimage for art lovers and history seekers. Watch as the snowflakes fall and cover the intricate architecture with a beautiful layer of frost. Be sure to head inside and browse the breathtaking selection of art from the Royal Collection.

Albert Memorial

This iconic structure can be found in the heart of Hyde Park standing proudly as a golden beacon in a field of white. The memorial was designed and built as a tribute to the timeless romance between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. With a mixture of golden statues, grand pillars and intricate metalwork, this is a truly beautiful spectacle that is a must-see for anyone travelling to the city this season. Be sure to bring your camera and coat along to make the most of your time in the park.