The Trick To International Visitors Saving Money In London


Any international visitor in London who is visiting for the first time may find the large and bustling city daunting and overwhelming at first. That’s not to say there aren’t cities as interesting and engaging as the capital of the UK but there is something different about its sprawling metropolis on the great River Thames. With so much to do and as a financial hub of the international economic world, London can drain the pennies faster than a bullet. With this in mind it’s important to know how to keep your pockets from running dry when enjoying yourself in the city.

Saving Money In London

Invest in an Oyster Card or go contactless

One of the best ways to save money on travel in London is through buying an Oyster Card or linking your contactless payment card to your travel payments. Travelling in London can be expensive so think about travelling at off peak times when the prices are cheaper and if you are liable for any discounts such as Student rail cards and senior memberships. Try working out which zones you will be travelling through and buy a weekly or monthly or daily travel card to accommodate. The more zones you are travelling through, the more expensive your journey will be. London has six zones, the centre of the city being zone one whilst the outskirts and satellite towns of London will sprawl out into Zone 6. To make sure that you’re not spending more money than you should, work out what zones you’re going to stay in and whether you’ll be taking more than two journeys on public transport a day. If so, you can save money by investing in a travel card. Also keep in mind the Uber Taxi service, which, if travelling over long distances, with a group and are strapped for time, then may be a great value way of traversing the city, especially at night time when the tube services have stopped running.

Entertainment in the city

There are so many potentials for entertainment in London that within a day you could find yourself having spent hundreds of pounds if you are not careful. To counter this, buy all your theatre tickets either way in advance or at the last minute when returns may mean that the prices are reduced for popular West End shows. There are many pay what you can and free music performances at many bars around the city. Two of the best places to find up and coming rock and alternative acts are at the Old Blue Last6 and the Shacklewell Arms, situated in Dalston and Shoreditch. There are many pay what you can and free comedy nights as well, found in bars and clubs around the city. If this is the sort of entertainment your after then do your research before coming to London and save money by being prepared.

Shop at Markets

Although the high end retail of Oxford Street and Covent Garden may be tempting for some, the thrill of digging through second hand clothing to find those great value treasures is beyond compare for the shopaholic. With such a diverse culture in London, there is no end to the amount, quality and variety of the clothes you can come across in markets. Some of the best are Spitalfields Market in Shoreditch, Broadway Market in London Fields and Camden Market. All these are famous for their character, unique charm and thrifty trinkets. A range of styles come out of London and if you want to dress like  Londoner then steer clear of the big chains and keep cheap and boutique.


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