The top 8 things not to do in a hotel room


When you check into your hotel room, it’s tempting to cut loose and act like a rock star on tour. Finally, you’re away from home with no chores to do – life is great! Now we’re not here to rain on your parade, but just for your own wellbeing, there are a few things you should avoid doing in every hotel room – from the scummiest dive motel to the ritziest five-star palace. Don’t use the remote control – at least, not without using an antibacterial wipe on it first. In studies of bacterial distribution in hotel rooms, the remote control was consistently the dirtiest thing in every room. You can also download a smartphone app to control the TV, or simply get your entertainment in the city outside!

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Don’t leave your valuables lying around – even in the most secure of Hyde Park Paddington hotels , there’s a risk that you might come back to find your priceless jewellery, passport or credit cards gone. Do the smart thing and leave them in the safe. If there isn’t a safe, you can opt to keep them somewhere inconspicuous or make sure they are on your person at all times. Don’t forget to use the Do Not Disturb sign! Many hotel guests forget this one and end up very upset when staff walk in on their intimate moments. The sign is there for a reason, and staff will respect it – so use it wisely.

Staying at Park Grand Lancaster Gate Hotel

Don’t tell anyone your room number – there’s a reason that the person at the check-in desk shows you your number instead of saying it out loud. Telling strangers where to find you is a big security risk, so if arranging to meet someone, go somewhere that isn’t the hotel bar. Don’t open the door unless you know who’s knocking! Criminals who prey on hotel guests sometimes rely on you assuming that it’s housekeeping or room service. Similarly, always lock your door if you leave your room, even just to pop down the hall for ice – you never know when thieves could strike. Don’t even think about using the mini-bar! Many hotels have fitted their mini-bars with sensors so that they know exactly what you’ve eaten. The sensors can sometimes be set off just by jostling the product, so it’s best to leave the minibar alone entirely to avoid an unexpected charge on your bill. Don’t forget to check your room for bedbugs. Yes, even in the fanciest, most luxurious hotels, bedbugs are still a risk. The worst thing about bedbugs is that they can move into your clothes and come home with you – so be vigilant! Check for small blood-coloured stains on the bed linens and couch before you put your bags on any of the furniture to unpack. Don’t drink the tap water if you’re sensitive. This of course applies to hotels in parts of the world where the tap water is not usually drinkable, but even if you’re assured that the water is fine, a sensitive stomach can still react badly. If you notice a funny taste to the water, tell staff immediately – it could be a sign that the water is contaminated!