The Pleasures of Royal Walks in London


London is indeed a place where one gets the best facilities and also the most pleasurable luxuries like the Royal Walks.

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Explore the beautiful area of London and bring back lost charms through the various pleasures that make up the stays here. This is indeed a great way of understanding the city and also experiencing the pleasures of the best kind of travel tales in this part of the world. Most of the historic places here as well as the prestigious sights are those that provide the ideal kind of attractions all of which can be visited with a lot of magnificent charm.

St James’s Park

This is a great place to be in and gives one every reason to come back for more experiences. The walks in this part of London are through the gardens and parkland. Go in the footsteps of King Charles II and take a break in the lovely ‘royal soil’ here. The walk goes from Westminster to Kensington and culminates in the beautiful Italian Gardens. Go past the cafes and refreshment areas and bring back the pleasures of ideal travel tales from this part of the city. St. James’s Park has three royal palaces surrounding it. The most ancient one is Westminster and is today called the Houses of Parliament. The Tudor style in the palace is what attracts everyone. In fact the palace still has the name of the Court of St. James in spite of the fact that the Monarch lived in the Buckingham Palace since long. Enjoy the sight of the wildlife officers feeding the pelicans here every day in the afternoon. The Palace has been the residence for most of the Royal family since more than three centuries. The palace is not open to all and is still occupied by the members of the Royal Family. It is also used for most of the official functions.

The Mall and the Clarence House

The Mall is the beautiful road which receives one when on tours here. It stretches from Buckingham Palace to the Admiralty Arch. The house was constructed on the designs of John Nash for the royal Prince William who was the Duke of Clarence. This was the official residence of His Royal Highnesses, Prince Henry, The Duchess of Cornwall and The Prince of Wales.

Buckingham Palace

This is another place that is visited on walks here. This has been the main residence of London monarchs since the year 1837. It was initially built by the Duke of Buckingham and has around 775 rooms as well as 52 Royal rooms. There are many guest rooms too. It is used by the Queen for many receptions and events and is furnished as well as decorated with a lot of artistic work from the Royal Collection.

The Royal Mews and the Queen’s Gallery

The Royal Mews is a beautiful stable and provides the best facilities for all. One can come here with the horse drawn and motor transport. This is indeed one of the best working areas for all. There are a lot of exhibitions and permanent displays in the Buckingham Palace which is next to the Queen’s Gallery.

Wellington Arch and Constitution Hill

The Constitution Hill is the main official route that links the Hyde Park Corner with the Mall. This has come to its present location in the year 1882 and was initially commissioned as a main entrance to the palace. The main structure which covers the arch is a large bronze structure in the continent of Europe. It shows the angel of peace which comes down on the chariot of war.

The Aspley House

This is the place where the Duke of Wellington used to livewhen his battles were over. The interior of the palace has not changed much in so many years and still has some of the best art collections and is popular for the nude statue of Napoleon. This is maintained by the English heritage.

Serpentine and Hyde Park

Walks in London are not complete unless one visits he pristine locales of Hyde Park. Certainly one of the finest landscapes it goes back to the time of the 16th century. This was when King Henry VIII used to hunt for wild boar and deer. This is a beautiful park today and is in the middle of London. It has the best kind of lakes meadows and bridle ways which span over around 4000 trees. The Serpentine Lake was actually created some time in the year 1730 and is the best example of creation of an artificial lake which looks absolutely natural. People love to visit one of the Lancaster Gate restaurants and enjoy the entire fare.

The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain

The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain is a structure that has been dedicated to the beautiful princess. It aims to share the life of the princess in style and is depicted by the flowing water from the highest point in two directions. This then falls into a calm pool at the bottom. The water table in London refreshes this water continuously. There are three bridges here where one can cross over and also reach the centre of the fountain.

The Serpentine Gallery

This is another interesting place in one of those royal walks and is very much loved by all for the modern as well as contemporary art. Its architecture, exhibition and public programs attract more