The Memorial to the Fire of London, learn the history here


London has many monuments where you can learn history. The monument of fire of London is a place where one can get a chance to learn the history. You can put this place on top of your list if you want to love the history.

The monument of fire of London is an amazing place to see. It is basically a large stone statuette which is big in size. It has a viewing platform at the top and it was constructed in the name of the Great Fire of London that took place in the year 1666.the height of the  monument is 202. It is believed that if you push it in a specific direction then it will land at the same place where the fire looks place. This is the reason it was named as monument of fire of London. On one side of the monument, you will see some drawings and texts written. The texts are in Latin and translation is written for those who do not know Latin. The text tells you about how the fire took place and why the monument was built up. From the top floor you can have views of many of the important places in London. This view is better than the view from the London eye. There is an interesting fact about the monument. In the year 1814, a donkey was run up and down the Monument without falling once. A very few people know about this fact.

Monument of fire

The tickets are very reasonable. The ticket for kids is£2 and for adults it is£4. You can also get a pamphlet for £2 that covers the reality about the place and the great fire that happened. There is also a 360 degree photo that talks about the different things that can be seen from the top floor. As you finish your visit to this monument, you must go and visit the Pudding Lane. This is on a walking distance from the monument. Though this is not as important as the monument, the place is worth noticing. The monument is located just on the right side of the tube station. Travelling through tube can also be easy. It is the meeting point of Monument Street and Fish Street Hill. This place is open for public from April to September between 9.30 to 6pm. In October to March the timings are 9.30am to 5.30pm.

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