For a city so urban, who would have thought there would be opportunities and space for that matter, to try your hand at some extreme sports? Guests at the Grand Park Hotel Lancaster Gate can have the opportunity to engage in a range of adrenaline pumping and fitness fuelling activities all across the city.

Climbing Wall

Climbing and Abseiling

If you’re looking for something more extreme than a Boris bike ride then why not consider one of London’s most intense climbing walls. “Vertical Chill” is an ice based climbing wall located in Covent Garden at Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports and is sure to send a real shiver up your spine this winter as you replicate real tactics and use the same tools as intrepid arctic explorers and mountaineers would. Alternatively there is the Arch climbing wall, with over 11,000 square feet of climbing space and 360 different boulder problems that change every month! Abseiling is available through several different charties who raise money for people to abseil down some of London’s tallest buildings Not only will you get an adrenaline rush, but you’ll also be working for a good cause as well.


If you’re after something more team based then Paintballing may be your best shot. With several great venues around the city, one of the best has to be Charing Cross’s Mayhem Paintball Games. The tactical paintball centre has 22 playing fields including several Call Of Duty inspired ones and a whole range of different terrains to outwit your opponent on. Alternatively there is the award winning Paintball Centre in Canary Wharf which holds the largest indoor Paintballing facility in the whole country.



With the countless waterways of London, it’s no wonder there are several options when it comes to a relaxing yet healthy sail along the canals and rivers. Kayaking is available in Hyde Park’s Serpentine and along the many canals of London, including Regent’s canal and is an alternative way to see the sights of the city.

Other Extreme Sports

If none of those take your fancy then you can always try Go Karting, of which there are many options across the city. If you have the guts, it’s also possible to try Bungie Jumping off the side of London Bridge and there are countless skate parks dotted around the city’s parks where you can practice your BMX and Skateboarding skills.