Where to Take Teens Clothes Shopping On Your Next Trip To Paddington

Street Shopping London

Shopping for clothes can be difficult at the best of times but it can seem impossible if you’re trying to find a few new outfits for a teenager who has very specific tastes and wants to make sure they’re up to date with all the latest trends in the world of fashion and culture.

If you’re struggling to fill your kid’s wardrobe, don’t worry. Our Paddington hotels London are right around the corner from some of the best hotspots for teens clothes shopping. Whether you’re looking for ripped jeans, vintage waistcoats or the latest Nike shoes, the shopping districts around London will kit your teen out from head to toe. To point you in the right direction we’ve put together a few of our favourite fashion outlets for you (and your teens) to try.

Forever 21
Oxford Street, London

If your teens are looking to stay on trend and find the latest threads, head over to the famous Oxford Street and make your way to Forever 21. The American fashion brand crossed the Pond a few years ago and has been serving up the latest trends to youngsters ever since. Whether you’re looking for jeans, jackets, shoes or accessories, Forever 21 has you covered. The flagship London store on Oxford Street has multiple floors of fashion, catering to men and women of all ages. You’ll rarely find anyone over the age of 40 shopping here though as the clothes are aimed mainly towards a younger market.

William Vintage
Marylebone Street, London

The fashion world has started moving backwards in recent years and more designers and fashion enthusiasts are bringing back to life the styles of the past. Vintage clothing is the hot new trend in the world of pop-culture and teens all over the country are kitting themselves out with retro dresses, vintage waistcoats and classic shoes. Luckily, the Park Grand London is just down the road from one of the best vintage shops in the city. William Vintage specialises in clothing styles that date back as far as the 1920s. If your teenager is looking for quality vintage gear, this is the place to be.

Nike Town
Oxford Street, London

If you have the type of teen that loves to collect shoes, there’s no way they’ll want to miss out on this oasis of footwear. The huge Nike outlet has one of the biggest collections of shoes, trainers, sportswear accessories and apparel in the city. Find everything from the latest running trainers to fashionable footwear. The only issue you’ll have at Nike Town is trying to decide on which pair of shoes to buy.

London Shopping Centre
White City, London

people walking in the London shopping center

If you’re looking for more than just one shop and you want to keep the travelling to a minimum during your time at our Paddington hotels London, a trip to Westfield’s shopping centre will cover all your fashion needs. With a huge selection of different clothes shops including H&M, Superdry, Aquascutum and New Look, you’re sure to find all kinds of outfits that would match any teen’s taste.