From Jack the Ripper to the Highgate Vampire, London is no stranger to the creepy. Even though it may not be Halloween for a long time yet, there are still many things to do as a fan of the freaky. Whether it’s a spooky walk, an historic dark age or a jump out of your seat performance experience, there is a countless number of fun and frightening things to do in London this year. For guests at the Park Grand Lancaster Gate, we have created a list of some of the best scary experiences on offer in London, a city that is sure to make you shiver.

The London Dungeon

Where would this list be without the London Dungeon? As one of London’s most popular tourist attractions, the London Dungeon takes you on a trip through the macabre history of London. From Jack the Ripper to Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber, the experience takes you on a trip through some of the best known and most creepy legends of the city as well as some blood curdling historical truth. Using a cast of top notch performers to take you on the tour, you will be subjected to Guy Fawkes arriving with a bang and even a cast of famous actors, such as Brian Blessed as the murderous and brutal Henry VIII. There are also two heart stopping rides to take, The Tyrant takes you on a boat trip through Henry VIII’s kingdom, a man known for sending traitors to the Tower of London for beheadings, There is also The Drop Ride to Doom, where you can experience the break neck fear of a public hanging. The Plague Doctor will try to cure you with leeches and Jack the Ripper will stalk you through Victorian Whitechapel. The London Dungeon has recently moved to the Southbank’s County Hall.

London Dungeon

Jack the Ripper Tour

If the Dungeon doesn’t quench you thirst for blood, then there is always the Jack the Ripper tour which takes place every night at 7pm in the heart of Whitechapel. During the tour you will be able to be taken down the streets where the Ripper struck, many of which have not changed since the Victorian era. You will also be able to investigate evidence from the scene so as to draw your own conclusions as you peruse the actual Victorian documents from the police about the crimes. You will of course, be guided by actual experts, who have all written books and published works about Jack the Ripper and his crimes and theories.

Escape from a room with a zombie

There is a growing trend of Escape Room games cropping up in London. Some have been created by real life Russian Physicists, some involve being captured by Nazi’s and some even involve Harry Potter and may other fantasy characters. One of the best and most frightening team building games is “Escape from a room with a zombie”. In this you and eleven other players must solve clues over a period of an hour to unlock the door. The terrifying twist is that there is a zombie chained in the centre of the room and every few minutes its chain is loosened slightly. You must race against the clock with a room of strangers to find a way out, using the very brains that could soon be the meal fo the undead.

The Woman in Black

Based on the novel of the same name, The Woman in Black is now in the 25th year of its run in London’s West End. At the Fortune Theatre, you can watch a play which incorporates elements of film noir into the terrifying story of the Woman in Black. Solve the mystery alongside Arthur Kipps as he tries to solve the mystery surrounding Eel House, the home to a mysterious haunting. Tickets go cheap in the week and thi play is such a feat of storytelling and technical craftsmanship that it even has its own film adaptation. There’s a reason why The Woman in Black has had such a screamingly long run and why over 7 million people have gone to see it performed.

Highgate Cemetery

On top of being the site of Socialist leader Karl Marx and a range of other revolutionaries and famous artist’s grave sites, Highgate Cemetery also has a history of the occult. This is no surprise as many old grave sites have been places where hauntings have been thought to take place. The Highgate Vampire was first sighted in the 1970’s. After a young man interested in the occult claimed to have seen a supernatural grey figure one night in the cemetery, many other claims began pouring in about the alleged Highgate Vampire. Alongside exploring Highgate Cemetery’s alleged occult past, people can also revel in its natural beauty as well as visiting the other members of London’s “magnificent seven” cemeteries.