The Puppet Theatre Barge: A Charming Family-Friendly Attraction in London


London has tons of amazing attractions that are perfect for a family trip. If you’re looking for a unique and family-friendly attraction in London, that offers entertainment which can keep you busy for hours, book yourself a lavish stay at Lancaster Gate Hotel London and look no further than the Puppet Theatre Barge.

The charming Puppet Theatre Barge is moored in Little Venice, a picturesque canal basin in the city’s West End, moments away from your Hotel Near Lancaster Gate Station London.  Entertaining audiences since the 1980s, it’s home to a company of professional puppeteers who perform a variety of shows, from traditional fairy tales to original stories that are sure to leave you awe-inspired. The most exciting part is that these shows are suitable for all ages and are sure to delight you and the kids alike. In addition to the splendid shows, the Puppet Theatre Barge also hosts workshops and classes for children and adults which are a great way to learn about the art of puppetry and create your own puppets.

History of the Puppet Theatre Barge

The Puppet Theatre Barge was founded in 1980 by John Woolf. Woolf was a puppeteer and actor who had worked in the theatre for many years. He wanted to create a space where people of all ages could experience the magic of puppetry. The barge was originally moored in Regent’s Park, but it moved to Little Venice in 1985. The new location, within a short distance of 4-star hotels in Lancaster, UK is certainly a better fit for the theatre, as it is more centrally located, and offers stunning views of the city alongside. It’s been a popular attraction ever since, featured in numerous publications, including The Times, The Guardian, and The Independent.

Location and Venue

The Puppet Theatre Barge is now in Little Venice, and is open from 11 am to 5 pm, every Tuesday to Sunday. If puppetry fascinates you or you’re a seeker for some out-of-the-box entertainment that you can enjoy with your family in London, don’t miss out on all the fun, and get yourself tickets for the barge online in advance.

Why is it a Must-Visit?

The Puppet Theatre Barge is a hidden gem in London that you must include in your itinerary for a multitude of reasons. First, it’s only minutes away from your luxurious Lancaster accommodation. Second, the shows are high-quality and entertaining. Third, the puppeteers are extremely talented, and the stories are relatable and engaging. Finally, you can always head out to explore the serene Regent Canal basin offering picturesque views of the beautifully hued boats including the barge itself, which is undoubtedly a work of art.