Pleasures of the Portobello Market


Enjoy the beauty and the pleasures of the Portobello Market in London tours.

The city of London comes to life with the best visual attractions and amazing travel delights. Come here to the beautiful confines of the markets and shopping areas and take back a valuable combination of tour delights. Surely this is a wonderful way of handling the tour experiences here and one surely would love to be in the beautiful city of London.


The market Leisures

There is a charm about the city of London and one would only understand when it is experienced in the best way possible. Portobello Road is the world’s largest antique market with more than thousand dealers selling their wares here. All kinds of antique things and collectibles are found here and visitors flock from across the world to get one of the best loved iconic locations in this city. One finds the best antique collection here and takes back a valuable combination of amazing travel memories and tour pleasures.

South Portobello

The southern part of Portobello market has the best of fashion accessories and food items. Along with this, one also finds household goods, new fashion and amazing collections of works of art.

North Portobello

The northern market is predominantly a vintage house with the ideal combinations of best accessories and collective bric a brac. Get back a great travel experience and rejoice in this simple surrounding. Golborne Road is famous for the bric a brac stuff here.

The main day is Saturday where one would have a perfect market experience. The full street market is on Friday and there are many things one could do here.

Then there are other pleasures in Westbourne Grove where there are many antique stalls between Kensington Park Road and Portobello Road. The Portobello green is a fashionable zone with the best of fashion accessories readily available and the ideal vintage pleasures. The market has lot of stalls till Golborne Road and one loves to be a part of the wonderful West way leisures and the Ladbroke Grove. Come here and take back a great market experience.

Portobello on Sunday

Sunday sees Portobello green which has a market which sells all kinds of vintage clothing along with a lot of bric a brac. The shops and cafes are usually open here and the forecourt traders are found at the southern end of the main road.

Portobello on Other Days

Usually there are fruit vegetables and other household goods in the market and then add along a few clothing stalls and some casual stalls of old fashioned clothing and there is a lot one could do while on tours here.

The Elgin Crescent Experience

The Elgin Crescent Experience is something that is indeed a valuable combination of interesting market experiences and tour memories. Come here and takeback a great marketing delight. The vibrant antique section along with the arrays of shops, arcades and market stalls only add to the visual delight.

Antique Delights

The antique trading day is Saturday and shops are usually open on Friday. The stalls are not open on Fridays. Trading usually starts in the morning so one can come here before noon and avoid the crowd as later it gets too crowded. There are many iconic London stalls here and one would only love to be a part of the unique and special market experience which only Portobello would offer. There are some bread stalls, and cake shops, fish mongers and cheese stalls here. The West way market in Talbot road has a newer section and is more like a usual London market.

The Fashion Market

The Fashion Market has collections of all kinds. They could be shops for vintage bags or fur and lace coats. They could also be simple London T-shirts or the ideal combinations of tour delights and shopping experiences. One also gets second hand clothes here and there are shops showing new designer clothes too.

Markets between West way to Golborne Road

The markets between West wayto Golborne Road are usually forthe locals than the tourists. There is a section of shops here which gives a good bargain for second hand goods. They are great for any fashion lover to pick up a good bargain. People stay in hotels near Lancaster Gate London and enjoy the market experience.

Eating Pleasures at Portobello Market

Enjoy the best leisure’s at Portobello Market and eat to the heart’s content. It is indeed a nightmare of sorts and provides one with ideal combinations that are great for a traveler. They are busy places and markets usually keep the tourist engrossed for a long time. Customers usually tell that they are quite enchanted by the market experiences in London. There is always something to do here and one would only enjoy the presence of such plentiful stalls that sell hot dogs, noodles, burgers and so many other things. If one eats according to taste then it is an easier bet.

The Experience

The market experience is very interesting as well as memorable. The food vans are found in the Elgin Crescent area and there are many stalls that dot the entire area and give one an opportunity to sell coffee. However people also like to relax and catch their breath in resting places here. The Notting Hill Gate for example helps one to understand the beauty of the market delights and also provides other facilities like pubs, stalls etc. which are important factors in a market tour.

The Eating Joints in Portobello

The Portobello Gold is a lovely place where one can enjoy the restaurant experience and provides a great combination of gastro pub prices and easy dining facilities. The Earl of Lonsdale is another lovely pub which gives one a reason to have basic roadside food. Then of course there is the Electric Cinema which is also a great restaurant providing all kinds of eating delights. The Market Bar is also a perfect gourmand’s delight and gives food at very standard prices.