Places that your kids will surely love


Travelling with a small kid can really be challenging and tiring. If you plan it the right way then the tour will not be much difficult. With your kids on travel, you can learn a lot and discover many things. Kids are funny, naughty and curious. If you make use of some simple tips then surely you can make your tour a great one with them.

Toys are must

Wherever you go with the kids, toys are must. If you take their favorite toys then they will spend good time.If your bags are heavy, you can select the small toys that can easily fit in your bags. You can choose to take some rattles, small dolls, blocks, balls, crayons etc. If your kid is choosy, ask the kid which toys he would like to play with on the tour. If your kid has a habit of sleeping with soft toy don’t forget to take it or you would be in trouble. Try to take the toys with which the kid will spend more time. You should also see to it that the toy has multiple uses and that does not trouble other travelers. For example if you take a talking doll that creates a big noise, that can annoy others. You can take noiseless toys and make the time enjoyable. If you take some picture books then it will be great as they are easy to carry, and kids can enjoy them a lot. You can also take some story books that kids can understand.

Consider playing fun games

If not with the toys, you can play with your kids some games that do not require any toys. They will enjoy a lot. These games should be entertaining as well as your kids must learn something from that. Here we have mentioned a few fun games that your kids will surely enjoy. You can also create your own games that kids will enjoy. The games should be lengthy so that the time will pass easily.

Fun with Kids

Car color match- If your toddler is tow years old, he must have the color knowledge so far. You can ask the kid to recognize the colors of the objects that pass by or in the train or simply the colours of the clothes.  Select a bright colour like red or blue and tell them to take the name of the color every time they see a new thing with that colour. This can be entertaining and also the time will pass easily. You can also sue the playing card to teach them some colours. They can learn the colours in fun and learn way.

Counting fun- This is one of the best type of fun you can have. Tell your kid to count the matchsticks, or anything else. If you are looking out from the train window, ask the kid to count the trees. They can also count how many people are in the train or anything else that you come across. If there are any other kids in the train, then that can be great you can also ask those kids to be a part of game that your kid is playing. You can also tell them to count the toys that you have brought in the bag. This is the way they will find the trip interesting.

Movement games

There are some movement games that can really be fun for you and your kids. Jumping around, or you can just tell them to show their body parts one by one. This can be a great pass time. You can also ask the kid to recite some poems that he has learned in the preschool and you can also sing with them.  This is something that will not disturb the other people in the train or plane.

Create quiet time

Just like us, the kids need to chill down and have some peace of mind. It is very difficult to put your toddler to sleep in the vehicle. You can tell them bedtime stories or sing some songs s that they can sleep. You can run a soft music so that they can sleep easily. Even others in the vehicle will feel good to listen to the music. You can sing a song in soft vice so that you can put the child to sleep without disturbing other people in the vehicle.You can read book and also ask the kid to read a book. This will help them to sleep fast. Some kids have a habit to sleep with some soft toys. These toys will help them to sleep fast on the travel. If there are any other kids in the vehicles, it will be very difficult to make your kids sleep in time as they will be busy playing with each other’s.

Fun with Kids in Park

This is the way you can make your kids travel easy. Just plan it eight way, carry good things with you and surely your travel with kids should be enjoyable. Pack your bags with the right stuff for the kids. If they are too tired you can also show them some videos or sings. While packing the bags you need to get only the stuff that is really needed. You can create your own travel games so that the time will pass easily. Also be ready with some activities that can help your kid to sleep easily. On the way you can have an overnight stay in a good hotel. There are many good hotels like the Hyde Park Paddington Hotels where one can have a good time. Just plan the traveling the right way and for sure you will make your trip with the kid enjoyable and memorable as well.