Our pick of the most relaxing spots in London

romance in London

When you think of London, your mind might jump immediately to vibrant city lights, busy attractions, and some of the best and most memorable events and experiences in the UK. What you might not consider is those corners of the city that are built for quiet moments, relaxation, and reflection.

In this article, we’re taking a step away from the busy side of London and introducing you to something a side of the city that is often overlooked – with our pick of the most relaxing spots in the city. And where better place to start than with the Lancaster Gate Hotel London and its onsite facilities.

Your hotel

Framed by colourful floral displays and window boxes, set inside an ornate townhouse just North of the boundary of Hyde Park, the Lancaster Gate hotel offers more than just a place to sleep. The comfort of the rooms and the peaceful atmosphere inside juxtaposes the busy Hyde Park setting perfectly, making that first step into your hotel one of instant tranquillity.

The dining area inside the hotel itself is neutrally decorated and finished with elegant details, offering a lowkey and relaxing alternative to the busy restaurants near Lancaster Gate. For those visitors heading to London for a few days, selecting a hotel like this will ensure that you start and end every day peacefully.

The northern bank of the river Thames


Despite being lined with roads which cut across the bridges, the wide expanse of pavement and walking space on the north side of the river Thames means that when you are stood looking across the river, you can quite easily forget about the city hubbub behind you.

Gazing across the water to the Southbank, the benches which are dotted along the north side of the Thames make for a great place to relax and enjoy your own small piece of the London life – with those from surrounding offices and workspaces often drawn to these benches for some peace and quiet during their lunch break.

The rose garden

rose garden

The rose garden is located inside Hyde Park, towards the South East of the park’s vast expanse – and when compared with the rest of the park, it is definitely one of the best places to head if you want to relax and enjoy a little quiet time. Surrounding by the high end and 4 star hotels of Lancaster Gate UK and Mayfair, this corner of Hyde Park combines its natural splendour with a pergola and two fountains – both of which add to the sense of peace and relaxation with the gentle trickle of water.

Regent’s canal

Regent’s canal

If the banks of the river Thames are a bit too busy for you, or if you prefer to enjoy some peace and quiet on a walk rather than sitting quietly, then there is no better place to head than Regent’s Canal which runs through the north of central London from Camden towards Islington and beyond. Lined with boats – some of which provide a home to their occupants, while others have been reimagined as bars and coffee shops – this canal comes to life in the evenings as a favoured spot for locals. Relatively undiscovered by tourists, however, Regent’s Canal has retained its quality as an enticing and peaceful spot to visit.

Olympic Park

Olympic Park

Another place which may surprise you is the Olympic Park, once home to a fanfare of sporting prowess and media attention, but now a peaceful and enjoyable place to go for some quiet time. Having been built for the 2012 Olympics in London, the park which surrounds the stadium is now a large expanse of walking space which borders the canal, running towards the entrance of Victoria Park.

With Stratford home to so many popular London hotels with breakfast and other deal and discounts, this area of the city is a great place to consider if you want to benefit from easy access to central London but without the hubbub of constant city noise and life.

Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill

Accessible from Regent’s Park, the beauty of Primrose Hill comes from its height and the fact that from the top you can look over London from on high, while enjoying the peace ad tranquillity of the sparse surroundings. A popular place with locals during the summer, Primrose Hill combines excellent views with enough distance that you feel removed from the busy city setting – making it a great place to walk to if you want to clear your head.

London’s Libraries

London’s Libraries

This one may seem obvious, but where better to head for a little peace and quiet than the local library? Home to some of the most ornate and architecturally impressive libraries in the UK, London is a hive of cultural and historical features for those who want to look for and find them – with the libraries among some of the best places to head if you want some quiet time surrounded by books.

Similarly, galleries and museums offer the same kind of environment if you visit at the right time – just avoid the peak tourist and holiday periods if you are wanting to enjoy such attractions in relative peace.

London’s courtyard gardens

Just like the one that Hugh Grant takes Julia Roberts to in Notting Hill, London’s courtyard gardens feel like little squares of peace within the loud surroundings of the city. Most of these gardens have benches to offer a space to sit and relax, or you can simply wander around and enjoy the greenery.

London’s spas


Last but not least, where better place to spend a little me-time than one of London’s many spas – with options available for all budgets, in all corners of the city, and with all manner of deals and packages available depending on whether you choose a spa in a hotel or not.

Whatever your ideal day of relaxation looks like, London is surprisingly full of experiences and places to go where you’ll feel the crowds and the vibrance of the city melt away – leaving behind a space that is yours to enjoy in peace.