Park Grand Guide- Olympic Village


The Olympics are one of the most popular sporting events in history and for hundreds of years have offered competitors from all over the world a chance to compete against the best athletes on the planet. In 2012, London was lucky enough to host the Olympic Games and in preparation invested a lot of time and money into building one of the most amazing venues on the planet.

The Olympic Village sits alongside Victoria Park, just a Tube ride away from our Paddington hotels London. This is great news for any of our guests looking to experience the magic of the Olympics and see the places where their favourite athletes competed for the glory of the gold. We’ve put together this guide to show you some of the amazing things to do and places to see in this iconic area of London.

Olympic Pool

To make the most of the swimming, diving and water sports events the developers of the Olympic Village went all out when they designed the pool complex. The aquatics centre is one of the largest pools in the country and thanks to its striking design, devised by architect Zaha Hadid, has become one of London’s most prized buildings. It was once used by the greatest aquatic athletes in the world and now you can take a dip in the same waters they did. Any diving enthusiasts visiting our Paddington hotels London will be happy to hear that the centre hosts a variety of regulation diving boards at a variety of heights.


River cruise

Alongside the Olympic Village runs the gorgeous River Lea, a quaint waterway that runs up and through the north of London. Get one of the best views of the village and its surrounding area while taking a relaxing cruise along the waterway. Bring the kids along and help them learn more about the buildings and structures throughout the village. As part of the preparation for the 2012 Olympics, the local waterways were regenerated and cleaned, adding a beautifully scenic touch to the area.

Nature walk

As part of the renovations to the local area, there was a lot of time invested in landscaping and rejuvenating the greenery surrounding the village. Because of this, all kinds of wild flowers and plant life has been able to flourish and there has been a surge in wildlife numbers. This makes the village a perfect place to take an afternoon stroll with your loved one. Make your way through the long grass and explore the local trails as you walk in the shadow of the breathtaking Olympic venues.

Gorgeous Greenery

World’s tallest slide

There were many structures and monuments built as part of the 2012 Olympic project but none are quite as striking as the ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture. The unique structure is an epic work of art by renowned architect Sir Anish Kapoor. After the Olympics ended, it was opened to the public and people were able to ascend to the top and look over the city before flying back down on the world’s tallest slide. Designers added a massive 76-meter slide which twists and turns around the structure, offering visitors a thrilling experience during their time at the Olympic Village.