Neighbourhood Guide: Pimlico


There are a lot of amazing places to explore in London so no matter where you go, you’ll be surrounded by things to discover and places to see. Unfortunately it’s impossible to see all of what London has to offer in one trip, so it’s a good idea to dedicate each trip to a different section of the city.

The gorgeous area of Pimlico is a hidden gem at the heart of Westminster City and is a must-see destination if you’re travelling to London. We’ve put together this handy guide that outlines things you can do and see in and around the area, so you can plan ahead for your stay at our hotels Lancaster Gate London.

Tate Britain

Art lovers will love to explore this iconic gallery in the heart of Westminster. Take a quick Tube ride from the Lancaster Gate Hotel Hyde Park and head inside the Tate Britain to browse one of the best collections of artwork in the country. The gallery is part of the famous Tate franchise which runs a series of museums and galleries throughout London. Tate Britain specialises in classic art and is known for showcasing works by very highly-respected illustrators. If you’re a fan of the classics and want to see some of the famous art that London is known for, head over to this iconic art house for a wonderful afternoon.

Capital Car Boot Sale

Nothing beats getting up early and heading to a classic car boot sale for a morning of browsing and bartering, in search of a second-hand bargain. The Capital Car Boot Sale on Lupus Street has become a hotspot for traders looking to make a little extra cash. You’re sure to find a gift or souvenir to remember your stay at the Lancaster Gate Hotel Hyde Park hotel at one of the many stalls. The car boot runs every Sunday without fail and opens for shoppers at different times, depending on the type of ticket you buy.

St Saviour

There are all kinds of historic buildings throughout London and this gorgeous church located on Lupus Street is a perfect photo opportunity. It also gives you the chance to admire some of the iconic architecture that London is known for. Take a stroll through the peaceful green garden as you look up at one of London’s oldest spires. This is a must-see spot if you want to explore the historic culture of the Pimlico area.


This is a goldmine for any hipsters or alternative people who are looking to buy something different. The quirky outlet on Tachbrook Street specialises in repurposed and recycled goods that are like nothing you can find in any of the high street chains. Cave is as much an alternative art gallery as it is a shop and the charming ornaments and trinkets offer you a rage of truly unique gifts that you won’t find anywhere else.