Must Haves For A Business Hotel


London is one of the most densely populated cities in Europe and has come to its city limits millions of visitors each year. Another daunting aspect of London is how it is one of the business hubs of both Europe and the world, with international ties with many different countries and acting as one of the gate keepers for the International stock exchange. There are a lot of reasons to come to London on business, it’s financially lucrative promises of business and professional networking, its many possibilities in terms of employment, the easy to get to and abundant city airports as well as its many sources of entertainment giving substantial opportunities to wind down after a long day of meetings. With this, as well as an internationally significant and rich history and culture, the city of London is more than a fruitful destination for any profession. And with a productive business visit, comes the need for the perfect accommodation. What does a hotel in need so as to be the icing on the cake for any business traveller’s stay in London?

Good links to Airports

London has five major airports with great links into the city centre. Gatwick is just a half hour train journey from London Victoria whilst Stanstead and Heathrow and City airport can be reached via the underground and city rail links. People visiting London on business often find themselves strapped for time, which means they need to be staying in a hotel with good transport links from and to their airports. If you are going to be darting around the city, conducting and taking part in lucrative business meetings then you need to be able to get to your hotel quickly and efficiently. The best business hotels will be close to tube and train stations so as for ease of access.

Heathrow airport

Great outdoors spaces

After being cooped up in conference rooms, underground stations in the close and humid claustrophobia of rush hour and feeling under pressure with deadlines and tight meetings, the best way to find some solace is in having some open outdoorsy space near your hotel. Whether it’s being located near a beautiful park or having a rooftop terrace and bar, humans are naturally more at home in open spaces. Fresh air and sunlight can have a great effect on our mood as well and having the access to this can really lighten your trip, making you more sharp, relaxed and productive when engaging in your business.

Work space and WIFI access

Due to our ever advancing technology, access to the internet is more important than ever in interpersonal connectivity. You can touch base with your boss in a matter of minutes via the internet, even if they’re on the other side of the world, and having great internet access included in your room bill is very important so as not to rack up the bills for the hours you’ve spent relaying your business dealings to your boss. Not everybody likes to work out of their bed room either, so space where you can work in the hotel that isn’t going to be disturbed by room service or access to the best TV channels, is important when choosing your business hotel. Whether it’s a relaxed hotel terrace or a café or lounge area, it’s always good to have a comfy, open and relaxing space where you can conduct your business so that you don’t start to feel caged in in your room, however spacious and comfy it is.


Great food and bar

Although London should always be on your doorstep at a great business hotel, it is always a good idea to find a hotel where you have all the services you need, and at a high quality so that if necessary, your clients can visit you there. This means that you can clients come and visit you and can be indulged in the best food and cocktails. Finding a hotel which has a bar and kitchen to rival the best restaurants and drinking establishments in London can be tricky, but when you find it, you’ll have your clients flocking to you.

Park Grand Lancaster Gate

As a business hotel, there is no other like The Park Grand Lancaster Gate Hotel, London. Here you can find affordable and luxurious bedrooms for that well-earned rest as well as WIFI access. The Craven Bar and Lounge areas are great for unwinding, your lunch, dinner and breakfast menus will be concocted by professional and respected chefs whilst our bar serves the best wines and cocktails, all mixed by our mixologists and bar tenders at the top of their game. What’s more, the nearby Paddington Station as well as a variety of Tube Stations, you will find it easy to get to the hotel from whichever airport you are travelling from. Nearby, visitors can also find the stunning Hyde Park for that much needed Green space whilst the Lancaster Gate Hotel is located in the heart of London’s renowned Bayswater area, perfect for shopping, bars and restaurants.