Military Attractions in London


Load the cannons and charge forward into a London adventure full of culture and history this season! The city is full of attractions and landmarks which celebrate the victories and mourn the losses of the UK’s military history. If you’re a military enthusiast, there are plenty of places around London where you can learn more about the country’s armed forces.

For centuries the UK has led the way when it comes to military combat and technology. During your stay at our Paddington Hotels London, you are right in the centre of the action. You have the opportunity to learn about past conflicts and how they have affected the country’s military strategy and the country as a whole. Be sure to follow this guide and you shouldn’t have a problem locating all the best military themed attractions in London.

Westminster, London

During the latter stages of the Second World War, London came under heavy attack from enemy bombers and much of the city was destroyed. This meant that the Prime Minister and his military council were forced to move their headquarters underground. The Churchill War Rooms served as the base of operations for military strategy from 1939 until the end of the war in 1945. They can be found just a short walk from the Houses of Parliament, just a Tube ride away from our Park Grand Hotels London. Be sure to add this to your itinerary and learn about how the secret bunker helped Britain to defeat the enermy forces.

Imperial War Museum

Lambeth Road, London

The huge collection of military memorabilia and artefacts at the Imperial War Museum illustrate a timeline of British conflict as far back as the First World War. The UK has been involved in a number of wars over the last 100 years and you can now learn more about the technology and strategy that were used in each of them. Military enthusiasts will love to learn about how the evolution of military strategy has led the armed forces we have today.

Royal Artillery Museum


For anyone intrigued by the technology and science involved with the creation of guns and other modern arms, this is the perfect place to get your fix and increase your knowledge. Take a trip backwards to the time of Tudors and watch the evolution of military weapons from cannons to assault rifles. The use of firearms has played an important part of Britain’s conflict history and this is a perfect opportunity for you to find out how.

Royal Airforce Museum

Grahame Park Way, London

Learn all about how our guys in the sky have helped protect the UK’s armed forces for decades in conflicts around the world. The evolution of the RAF is an interesting story rich with technological advancements and improved strategies. From wooden biplanes to advanced modern fighter jets, the world of military aviation is full of amazing machinery and interesting facts just waiting to be uncovered.