Mayfair Neighbourhood Guide July


London is a huge, diverse city made up of historic boroughs with different events, places and attractions drawing in millions of visitors every day. Mayfair is one of the many famous districts around the city where you can find amazing history and exciting events.

Classic red brick building in Mayfair-London

Known for its affluent neighbourhoods, beautiful architecture and high-end accommodation, it has a reputation for being one of London’s most exclusive areas. The central location makes Mayfair an ideal place to explore the history of England’s capital, and this guide will give you a better idea of the things you can do and see during your trip to help you make the most out of your stay at our hotels near Lancaster Gate.


Shopping Mayfair Neighbourhood

The luxury shopping scene in Mayfair is famous for its array of world-class shops and high-end boutiques. It’s safe to say that a trip down the high streets of Mayfair will not be cheap, but if you’re looking for luxury then there are few better places. Take a stroll down Bond Street and you’ll find a selection of flagship stores from the world’s biggest fashion brands. Browse shops like Prada and Louis Vuitton as you search for the perfect outfit to complete your wardrobe. Walk through the historic Burlington Arcade and peruse the high-end leather shops, watch retailers and jewellery merchants. The covered high street also boasts a variety of vintage shops where you can find all sorts of gorgeous antiques. If you have the budget then a shopping trip to Mayfair isn’t something you should miss out on, especially considering how close it is to our hotel near Lancaster Gate.

Gorgeous Greenery

Gorgeous Greenery

Mayfair is one of London’s quieter areas with a variety of quaint streets and beautiful squares dotted around it. If the weather’s nice then take a quiet stroll to the gorgeous Grosvenor Square and relax in the lovely garden surrounded by trees and plant life. Go for a walk down the residential areas of Mayfair to see some of the most luxurious architecture in the whole of London.

Art Galleries

National Portrait Art Gallery

London is renowned for its famous museums and galleries that are home to some of the finest artefacts and artworks in the world. The Royal Academy of Arts near Piccadilly is one of London’s oldest artistic institutes and has been the home of famous artwork for centuries. The historic building regularly hosts exhibits, lectures and other events for art lovers in London to enjoy. Visit the Royal Academy of Arts and learn more about the city’s rich history of amazing art and ground-breaking architecture. Step back in time at The Fine Art Society as you journey through the works of some of the world’s greatest artistic minds. If you’re a fan of classical art then there’s plenty for you to see in Mayfair.

Spa Day

If you really want to relax during your trip to Mayfair then take advantage of the amazing luxury spas dotted around the area. Escape into bliss as your troubles are taken away with a traditional Swedish massage. Escape the noisiness of the busy city streets and relax in the luxury surroundings of a spa, making your trip truly memorable.