London’s Organic Scene


These days more and more people are going organic and looking for a healthier, more eco-friendly food alternative. People all over the world are becoming much more health conscious and are realising the importance of ethically sourced ingredients. London has jumped on the health food craze in a big way and there are now plenty of places to grow, buy and eat organic food.

Here at the Park Grand Lancaster Gate, we know how important great food is to our guests and we believe that everyone has their own tastes and preferences. If you’re looking to source the best organic grub that London has to offer, take advantage of this helpful guide by checking out some of the suggested places.

Whole Foods Market

Glasshouse Street, London

You can find everything you need at this popular organic food chain in Soho. From canned food to fresh bread, everything is ethically sourced and organically produced. If you’re planning a picnic in one of the famous London parks, this is an ideal place to stock up on fresh fruit and other healthy snacks. Buying a lot of organic food can often ring up a big bill but the prices at this flagship store are very reasonable. The fact that it’s just around the corner from the Park Grand London makes it an even more practical choice for those in search of organic food. If you are visiting from the US, a stop here will offer a familiar sense of home.

Daylesford Organic

Westbourne Grove, London

Everything about this quaint little shop feels organic, not just the food. The naturalistic décor and simple wooden interior create a warm and inviting atmosphere. As you step inside you’ll be greeted by smiling faces and a huge range of colourful, hand-packaged products. Daylesford Organic has won awards for their outstanding customer service and devotion to producing quality fresh products that are all organically sourced. Be sure to stop by and say hello to the guys at Daylesford while you’re journeying around the city.

Brockley Market

St John’s, London

Take a stroll through Lewisham and you’ll find this wonderfully vibrant farmers market which offers everything from home-grown pumpkins to handmade preserves. Whatever your taste, you’ll find something tasty to nibble on at Brockley Market, which is why locals flock there every day to see what new additions have been made to the stalls. The friendly faces and warm atmosphere make it a perfect place for an afternoon stroll. All of the traders specialise in locally-sourced seasonal food that’s brought fresh to market every day.

Peckham Farmers Market

Peckham High Street, London

This unique market specializes in produce that has been grown on local urban farms. You know that you’re getting the best that London has to offer at this local market place. The FARMA approved Peckham Farmers Market is a popular spot for travellers looking to indulge in some freshly made organic food. The bread makers are particularly popular thanks to their freshly made bread which is made every day from ethically sourced ingredients.