London’s Famous Libraries


The libraries of London are some of the biggest and most impressive in the world. As the central hub of knowledge and information in the UK for centuries, London has become home to vast collection of books, journals and documents from all corners of the literary world.

If you’re a big reader and you love the feeling of getting lost in the pages of a good book, you won’t want to miss out on the chance to visit some of London’s historic knowledge fountains. Just a stone’s throw from the Park Grand Lancaster Gate London you’ll find a number of libraries and we’ve put together this list of our favourites to help you on your journey.

British Library

Euston Road, London

It only seems fair to start the list off with the city’s biggest and most iconic library. The British Library is home to the largest collection of books, journals and periodicals in the world. For centuries this literary paradise has served as a well of knowledge for scholars and academics all over the city. The centralized location next to St Pancras Station makes it very easy to access from anywhere in London, so be sure to pay a visit during your stay at the Park Grand Lancaster Gate London. With such a vast selection of material to choose from you could spend days exploring the shelves of the British Library and still have so much left to see.

Bishopsgate Institute

Bishopsgate, London

What this library near Liverpool Street Station lacks in size it more than makes up for in knowledge and history. If you’re looking to learn about the history of London’s social and political evolution throughout the ages, this is the place to do it. The quaint library features a gorgeous interior with beautiful woodwork and intricate fixtures. The Institute also offers regular seminars and classes where you can learn a new language or attend history lessons.

The Poetry Library

South Bank, London

If you prefer your literature to have a little more rhythm and a few more rhymes, head over to the colourful Poetry Library in the South Bank Centre for an afternoon of fun and intrigue. Whether you prefer the more sombre writings or you’re a fan of upbeat rhymes, the Poetry Library’s vast collection of works is sure to include something you like. If you check into the Park Grand Lancaster Gate London at the right time you will be able to catch one of the regular events and readings that take place.

BFI Reuben Library

Belvedere Road, London

The BFI Reuben Library is a must-see for anyone interested in film or photography. The extensive collection of material at the BFI beats any other in London, giving the opportunity browse decades of history. The world of cinema is rich with timeless titles and memorable characters, which are all documented at this paradise of movie memorabilia. Aspiring filmmakers from all over the country often venture to this iconic library to browse the amazing collection of books and journals.