London’s Best Smoothies


As the summer sun heats up, most people are turning from hot chocolate and steaming cups of tea to cool, refreshing and nutritious smoothies. The fresh fruit drinks market has boomed in recent years, with hundreds of smoothie bars popping up all over London. The refreshing tastes, variety of ingredients and health benefits of blended shakes are what keep Londoners heading to smoothie bars every day. There are a lot of options to choose from if you’re looking for a refreshing fruit smoothie in London but this guide should give a good idea of where to start.

smoothie bar in London

Elephant Juice Bar

This weekday pop-up market stall has become well known for their no-nonsense approach to smoothie making. It’s simple, you say what you want and they whip it up for you. If you want a refreshing fruit cocktail to cool down on a warm afternoon shopping trip or an energy-filled cure to your morning hangover, the juice connoisseurs at Elephant Juice Bar will have the right recipe for you. The friendly juice bar is located in the Whitecross Street Market and offers smoothie lovers a modestly-priced selection of brightly coloured drinks for any occasion.

The Detox Kitchen

For the health conscious Instagram stars out there, the Detox Kitchen is a haven for clean living, producing some of the most eye-catching concoctions in London. The Soho smoothie house is a regular hangout for hipsters, vegans and anyone that considers themselves alternative, but don’t let that throw you off. The bright, quaint setting and friendly staff welcome anyone who wants to try a healthy new blend of fruit and vegetables. The modern eatery is in easy reach of our hotels Lancaster Gate London, which means you can easily keep yourself going until you get back for an evening of delicious food.

The Good Yard

For those who think that fitness regimes and diet plans are all full of boring recipes and bland food, you can’t have been to The Good Yard. This eatery is passionate about putting fun into healthy eating and getting rid of the fitness market stereotypes. The contemporary salad and protein bar boasts a refreshingly diverse menu of healthy dishes and even healthier blended drinks. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a light lunch or a post-workout drink on your way home from the gym.

Portobello Juice Café

Portobello Road is known for its historic hippy scene and has been a hub for alternative eating and edgy fashion for years. This indie juice producer has been a cornerstone of the street for years by sourcing fresh ingredients from Portobello Market and serving up delicious blended drinks. Their unique menu is made up of local favourites such as the ‘Flu Fighter’ that has beetroot, lemon, ginger, and honey. Whatever your taste buds fancy, you’re sure to find the right flavour on the Portobello Juice Café menu.

Press Juice Bar

Imagine that Steve Jobs had ventured away from technology and decided to open up a juice bar, it would probably look something like this. The ultra-hip and super-contemporary Press Juice Bar has become famous for its sleek branding and modern juicing process. The double-filtered drinks are said to be the purest and healthiest that money can buy. The iconic colours and simplistic logo can now be found in the fridges of up-scale eateries all over London.