London Travel Tips: For an Amusing Vacation Experience Like Never Before!

London Travel Tips For an Amusing Vacation Experience Like Never Before!

Are you thinking of travelling to London any time soon? There are a range of great London day packages that give you the opportunity to explore all this great city has to offer, but like any trip, you need to make sure you do plenty of research before you set off. 

London is special compared to other capital cities due to its condensed size but long-ranging history which spans longer than most. With this in mind, it’s key that you do your research to make the most of your visit, so here are some top tips for travelling to England’s capital city. 

What to Pack 

Firstly, you’ll need to consider what to pack. Most hotels in Lancaster, England have lots of wardrobe space, and you’ll need it because you’ll need to pack a big coat. England and warm weather don’t go together, so make sure you have some warmer clothes – even in the summer. 

Whilst the hot weather can arrive, it’s usually sticky and intense, so if you’re travelling to London during a predicted heatwave, make sure you pack lots of light clothes, especially in the city where it’s even hotter. 

An umbrella and a raincoat are a must, as well as some comfy walking shoes because there’s a lot of walking involved in London! 

Travelling Around London 

Speaking of walking, the next thing you need to consider is city travel. London has one of the most extensive underground rail networks in the world, but make sure you buy an Oyster Card or a Travel Card to avoid overpaying for travel. 

You might find that some London accommodation offers automatic taxi links, but this is an expensive way to travel, so if you’re on a budget, avoid it. Another option is the bus network, but make sure you double-check routes to avoid getting lost. 

Finding Somewhere to Stay 

Finding Somewhere to Stay

Next is finding somewhere to stay. You’re spoilt for choice in the city, with lots of hotels offering luxury on a good budget. Try and pick a central hotel – they’re more expensive but are generally safer for tourists, specifically at night, and they’re among the most well-connected, ensuring you’re always able to get back. 

Eating in London 

Eating in London

Whether you’re into street food or fine dining, there’s an option for everyone in London. From the wide array of restaurants near Lancaster Gate to the restaurants with a view at the Shard, everywhere you turn there’s somewhere to eat, so don’t just settle for the first place you see or international fast-food chains. 

Saving Money 

Finally, here are some quick money-saving tips: 

  • Book attractions in advance
  • Walk where possible
  • Keep an eye out for vouchers for food/sights
  • Buy travel cards if using the Tube

Hopefully, these tips help you make the most of your stay in London and allow you to throw yourself into the cultural mixing pot that is the city without having to worry about anything else. One thing is for sure, you’re set to have a great time!