London the Right Shopping Place for Americans


London is no doubt the best multi cultural and diverse city to live in. many people keep coming in as a traveler or as an expat to stay in the capital city of England. The place is well known for its luxury, elite crowd, marvelous hotels, breathtaking sightseeing and attractions and last but not the least world class shopping. London has always been a great shopping hub for all kinds of visitors. No matter whether you are a budget tourist or you have immense money to splurge on things you will surely get some good stuff in the name of shopping here.

Many local streets are the main hub for shopping in the capital city. Oxford Street is the main artery when it comes to shopping. For an American visitor especially there is no dearth of things that he will be happy buying as the place is full of unique shopping opportunities. From fashion art galleries to vintage collection and bustling food markets there is everything an American tourist would seek.

Are you an American visitor? Here are few shops that you just can’t afford to miss while you are in London.

The American Food Store
As far as quality some products may look the same, however they are being manufactured in a different way for the UK market. However, for the same real good stuff as you get in America, the American Food Store provides all real American stuff including American sodas, Hershey bars, A&W Root Beer and lot more things. Since it is a food store you will get food items only.

Food Store

However, the best part about this shop is that you can even order online.

This British brand shop is pioneers in selling remarkably good contemporary clothing for men. Since 2001 Folk is been there for casual menswear, however added womenswear and footwear too later. In the London itself there are three stores each is wonderfully designed keeping all quality in mind. The clothing line here is a bit different from everyday’s clothing as there are rounded collars and hand stitched plaques etc.

Even close to the park grand Lancaster gate hotel you will find numerable shops that American expats would surely love.

Dover Street Market
Unlike other typical markets in London this is an extravagant and a super cool one. It is a department store but not as you know it. For an American who is in search of some high end fashion brands shall come here right away. It has now moved to Mayfair. In this store it seems that fashion is an art. Separate spaces are occupied by each designer and have showcased their collection in that space.

Maltby Street Market
Are you in love with cheese, cakes, fresh filled doughnuts and breads etc? The Maltby Street market is quite popular in selling all these stuff and of course of greatest quality. The market is open on both Saturdays and Sundays however the timings are different. It is ideally located in South London and is a must visit for foodies. It is a favorite hotspot among both locals and tourists alike for sipping in mixed gin cocktails.

James Smith and Sons
You must be surprised to know that it is a widely known umbrella shop. The store has all the qualities that a museum has and this store has remained as it is since 140 years now. The specialty of James Smith and Sons is that they deal in beautifully crafted umbrellas and walking sticks. Making a purchase here can help you preserve a piece that lasts for lifetime.

Boutique Stores

American Apparel
If you are looking for clothes that is all USA made then American Apparel is a one stop place to go. The store is located in the Westfield Shopping Centre and is a store where you can pick all basic stuff for him, her and even for kids. There is no doubt that there are plenty of shops in the capital city for apparels and clothing, however Americans would love to visit this store.

Browns and Browns Focus
For the best luxury brands Browns and Browns Focus are ideally the best. It is a boutique department store which deals in all elite brands. Whether you ask for Givenchy, Manola Blahnik, Celine, Balenciaga you will get everything here. The store focuses on showcasing elite designer labels. In men’s boutique variety of range can be found from all classics to contemporary.

Since 1810 this store has been known for delivering the best of home goods and furniture. They deal in creating the best furniture items and it is a place from where you can pick selected stuff for your room in order to make it look more beautiful and elegant. A walnut chopping board can be your ideal takeaway good. This store can’t be beaten for its British interiors and the best of designs in furniture.

Machine A
For exciting contemporary fashion retail this is the destination to be at. Formerly the shop was known as Digitaria. It is an independent concept store with exceptional British design for both men and women. The store reflects all positive fashion energy of London and enough fashion designers have marked their space in here.

Camden Market
Here in London and not been to Camden market? It is just not fair for those especially who are in to deal with lots and lots of shopping. With over 1000 stalls and shops selling music, food, art and clothing Camden market is a renowned place in London when it comes to shopping.

With many others to be named these are few that Americans would surely love to visit.