London in June – Making the Most of the City in the Summer

relaxing in summer london

London’s easy to enjoy any time of the year, but summer is especially wonderful.

The city is full to the brim with seasonal attractions, both inside its countless museums and galleries and out in the open air. It’s what happens when you pair one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world with two millennia of trial and error. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was London’s flexible, all catering allure.

Over the years, hotels like the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate have built up a reputation as one of the best luxury boutique hotels in the city. This has taken years of practice, and the same can be said for the city’s tourist attractions. Today, London offers something for everyone. From art-lovers and history buffs, to foodies and festival-goers, there’s something on to suit every fancy this month.

To help you sift through all your options, we’ve compiled this definitive guide to June in London.

Why June?

When it comes to off-season visits, the month of June straddles the best of both worlds. Not only does the month miss the prime summer season of July and August, but there’s still plenty of that beloved (albeit rare) British sun.

The mood in June is generally upbeat as well, as the sunshine is still a new (and a very much welcome) addition to the city. This means that June is one of the best months to see the city like a local as art events and city-wide traditions manifest throughout the month.

London weather in June

This June sees very favourable weather, especially for travellers who prefer a slightly cooler summer. In general, this June will see an average temperature in the high teens and low 20’s, making it bearable for walking throughout the day and not too cold to crave shelter indoors.

What should you wear for a London June?

What you pack completely depends on the reason for your visit. But, in general, tourists should pack light, bring comfortable shoes for walking and be prepared for occasional rainfall. Whilst it may be a warm month, the British weather is still temperamental!

Best events in June

So, if you’re visiting luxury accommodation in London this June, what are some of the must-visit events? The options we’ve compiled below are family-friendly, affordable and give you a great taste of London life. Whether you’re looking for culture, history or activity, these options give you a smorgasbord of choice for your visit.

Trooping of the Colour

trooping the colors

The Trooping of the Colour is a parade through the Mall and St James’s Park area of central London. Consisting of hundreds of the Royal Palace Guard, this royally festooned parade is in celebration of the Queen’s Birthday and pays tribute to the monarchy,

Taking place on the 8th of June, the event may be late for the Queen’s April birthday, but you should certainly get there early to find a good spot for the parade!

Kings Cross and Walthamstow Annual Art Night

Taking place on the 22nd of June, Art Night 2019 is one of the best nights of the year for locals and tourists to engage in the contemporary arts. Based in North and East London, this day-long festival incorporates 40 independently curated projects, culminating in a city-wide celebration of creativity. This completely free event is definitely not one to miss and brings an array of mediums, personalities and events to these beautiful boroughs North of the river.

Taste of London

Based in Regent’s Park, Taste of London is a week-long food festival taking place from the 19th to the 23rd of June. with over 200 participating eateries, the pop-up stalls include some of our favourite restaurants near Lancaster Gate Tube, alongside internationally renowned chefs.

With a mouthwatering array of masterclasses and talks, the Taste of London attracts 50,000 visitors a year and offers more than just a bite to eat.

Eid Festival

eid festival

Taking place on the 8th of June, Eid Festival marks the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. As a celebration at the end of this traditional fasting season, Londoners can enjoy a fun-filled day of family activities and music in the heart of Trafalgar Square.

Be prepared for music, colour and a lot of great food.

London Tech Week

London Tech Week takes place from the 10th to the 14th of June and sees a collection of central venues open up to tech entrepreneurs from across the world. As one of the best networking events in the country for technological innovators, the week includes talks and debates about blockchain financing, Artificial Intelligence, and masterclasses on finding investment for your technology.

Masterpiece Art Fair

The Masterpiece Art Fair takes place from the 27th of June to the 3rd of July.

Based in the heart of West London at the scenic Royal Hospital Chelsea, this week-long trade show offers collectors and auctioneers a chance to showcase some of their best work. With art dealers from around the world flocking to the Grade II listed building, you can purchase a ticket too, even if you’re just there to browse the dizzying range of art and design on display.

West End Live in Trafalgar Square

From the 22nd to the 23rd of June, head to Trafalgar Square to enjoy some of the best West End Shows…for free!

This raucous weekend stages some of the best musicals in London, including Kinky Boots, Lion King and Les Mis. If you’re unsure what musical you want to buy tickets for during your trip to London, West End Live gives you bitesize samples to help you choose.

London Pride Month

London’s Pride Parade doesn’t take place till the 6th of July, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy London Pride beforehand. The month of June is full to the brim with exciting events, parties and art projects. Check out the Pride website for more information.

Cricket World Cup


The Cricket World Cup runs from the end of May into mid-July. The tournament is hosted this year by the UK and pits ten international teams against each other. With London stadiums in St John’s Wood and Oval, you’ll be able to enjoy ten different matches staged in the capital.

Royal Ascot

Whilst races are staged throughout the year, the Royal Ascot tournament takes place from the 18th to the 22nd of June and includes a wide range of stakes and cups. With the Royal Family visiting every day of the tournament, this prestigious event Berkshire based event attracts some of the most affluent spectators in the world.