Whatever your purpose in the vibrant city of London you can always be sure there’ll be something to entertain all ages. Whether you’re an active sportsman, an arty type or even a young child, there’ll always be something to keep you entertained. With such a sprawl of city and an archive of tastes, it can often be difficult to pick and choose just a few things to do in the city. To make it easier, we’ve created a list of things to do, from those staying in Budget Accommodation in London to the Five star hotel dwellers, there’s always a great range of activities to cater to all needs and tastes.

For the family

If you’re visiting London with the family, especially younger children then it can be difficult to find activities to suit everybody’s interests and needs. Below are a few of the many options London has to offer in terms of days out and awesome afternoons to suit all ages.

Science Museum

The Science Museum has around 3.3 million visitors annually and is known for being one of the most interactive and engaging museums for all ages. Located on Exhibition Road in South Kensington, the Science Museum hosts a range of exhibitions that include the Wonder lab, an IMAX cinema the energy hall and many more. What’s more there’s a café, bar and gift shop to spend your time in after the exhibitions as well as many hands on activities that’ll keep the kids entertained. Current exhibitions include a history of robots and how “data” is used in the modern world.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Located right next to the Science Museum, this well-known museum focuses more on natural history and biology. The gallery of rare rocks, both otherworldly and from the crust of our planet is a wonder to behold whilst the dinosaur exhibition has one of the greatest collections of fossils known to man. This dinosaur exhibition is especially popular with the children, with the fun facts and animatronic T.Rex stunning adults and children alike. There is also a large collection of taxidermy on display throughout the museum, many of which are from extinct animals such as the Dodo and a replica blue whale hangs over the aquatic life hall. The Natural History Museum is a must see for any animal lover no matter what the age.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park holds within its greenery a long history. As one of the eight royal parks it holds many modern and historical attractions. Spanning 625 acres this park is one of the biggest in London and as it is so central, holds many forms of entertainment throughout. For families however the Princess Diana Memorial Playground is probably the best place to keep the kids entertained. Whilst they scale the wide range of jungle gyms and playground rides, you can kick back and relax in the nearby Café. Be sure not to miss the Serpentine lake, where children will delight in the aquatic bird life which resides in the area. Have your younger children feed the Geese, Swans and Ducks. You can even hire a rowing boat in the lake.

For adults

If you’re travelling alone or with a friend and are looking for something cultural to do you’re definitely in the right place. London is one of the world’s leaders in cultural and counter-cultural hubs. There is always something to do whether your interests lie in music, art or performance.

Leicester Square cinemas

Leicester square is where all of the main British film premieres take place. With a red carpet and the Leicester Square Empire cinema you can sometimes see celebrities entering for their films amdst the paparazzi and fans. If you’re a real film aficionado you can check out the Prince Charles Cinema where you can find some of the old greats and cult classics. Often, the Prince Charles hosts questiona dn answer sessions with professional film makers and even hosts all nighter film screenings, ffrom James Bond to all fo the Lord of the Rings films.

West End theatres

London is second to none when it comes to the amount of actors in the city. This is due to the huge range of opportunity that can come from high rofile West End shows at places like the Lyceum, Royal Court Theatre, National Theatre and even many well respected performance spaces in the tops of pubs! Every borough of the city has its own performance space, if you’re looking for a great play or musical then you’ve come to the right city.


The Tate Britain and the Tate Modern host an array of contemporary art exhibitions whilst areas like Shoreditch are the best for smaller independent art shows.


Soho, Camden and Shoreditch are some of the best areas to check out if you are a music lover or looking for a good night out. Soho in particular is in the centre of London and has many brilliant restaurants in the area so you can line your stomach before you hit the town.