London- A Bloggers Paradise


The rise of social media and internet culture has given birth to a huge new creative industry in recent years. There are now millions of bloggers all around the world putting their thoughts and ideas online for others to read. From personal memoires and daily diaries to top-picks and how-to guides, the world of blogging is packed full of different content.

If you’re an established blogger or you’re looking to get into the world of blogging, then London is an amazing place to get inspired and create some great content for your readers. We’ve put together a list of suggestions of places around the city that are perfect for generating interesting and unique blogs to explore during your stay at the Park Grand Hotel, Lancaster Gate.

loggers Paradise London

Museums and art

If you’re a history blogger the museums around London are full of amazing talking points and photo opportunities. Visit the natural History Museum and snap a picture of the life-sized blue whale, or tell your readers about the amazing collection of historic documents and artefacts. If you’re an art blogger then head to the Tate galleries and see the latest exhibits that everyone’s talking about, or head to Camden and get some shots of the amazing graffiti artwork from the city’s best street artists.

Food and drink

There are no shortage of amazing places to eat and drink throughout London and its diverse boroughs. If you’re a professional foodie looking for high-end dining to critique then you don’t need to look any further than the luxury restaurant at our Park Grand Hotel Lancaster Gate. Your readers will be left with their mouths watering at the amazing pictures you’ll get of delicious world-class food. If you’re blog focuses more on street food and contemporary eateries then take a trip to the food stalls in Camden Town and Greenwich Market to get some amazing pictures of the culinary creativity of London’s best local food vendors.

Tourist Attractions

Classic pictures of the London cityscape are in no short supply, but they’re popular for a reason. The incredible architecture and historic monuments throughout the city are part of the London experience and make for some amazing photos. Travel bloggers will be spoilt for choice with the amount of incredible iconic attractions to feature in their travel diary. Think outside of the box when you’re documenting your London trip by trying to present an alternative view of the city. Don’t just take the same pictures as everyone else, try to get a unique angle and get creative with your choice of imagery.


Bloggers will feel as if they’ve died and gone to music heaven when they uncover the amount of hidden musical gems around the city. No matter how niche your blog is or how picky your readers may be, you’ll find a treasure trove of information, history and imagery in London’s music scene. If you’re looking to review some of the best new bands that are performing in London then head to one of Soho’s many local bars and venues. Check out the hundreds of retro vinyl shops dotted around the city and get some amazing shots of the wall-to-wall records. If you really want to create some blog posts that will draw in more readers then London is the place to do it.