Live Music In London


London and England in general is at the forefront of the international music scene. With such a history of iconic modern musical figures such as Adele, Dizzee Rascal and Amy Wine house and music awards such as the Brits, London has had long spanning rostra of music figures. This is due to both a mid-twentieth century economic boom that led to people being freed to express themselves creatively as well as a rang eof influences seeping into the city due to its diverse range of inhabitants. Over the years music venues have come and gone and today it is difficult to find a pub or a bar that doesn’t have at least a monthly open mic night or set from a local musician. With different parts of London associated with different musical genres, there are plenty of venues to choose from, both within the popular public sector and off the beaten track. These venues can show the best in modern music as well as having a unique ambience in their own right. For guests at the Grand Park Lancaster Gate Hotel London, you are well situated in a central location so as to easily visit many of these venues with ease of transport.


Union Chapel Islington

Situated a few minute walk from Highbury and Islington Station, this converted church has a unique gospel feel due to its setting within a converted church. The halls echo and resonate with both seating and standing available within. This venue was built in the late 19th century in the gothic revival style and is now a grade I listed building. The variety of acts is diverse and always high quality, including recent shows from the likes of Okkervil River.

The Forum

The Forum in Kentish Town is one of the best venues to see both up and coming and well known acts from across the world. With a genre spanning slate this venue is sponsored by phone company O2 and has been putting on love shows since the mid 190’s. Before it changed its name to the Forum it was known as the Town and Country club and now puts on a range of acts. These mostly focus on a younger audience but also have some golden oldies of the pop music world playing as well. Rap group Insane Clown Posse and American rock act New Found Glory are among the acts playing this year.

The Barbican

The Barbican is not only a music venue but a multimedia arts venue as well. The Barbican hosts theatre, films and art among many others and was created in the 1970’s in the Brutalist Architectural style by Architecture firm Chamberlain Powell and Bonn. This is a great examply of a venue that has life aside from its musical repertoire. The acts that have performed at the Barbican span from Phillip Glass to Courtenay Pine. It is not surprising that with its progressive attitude towards the arts, that the Barbican focuses on experimental and more avant-garde approaches to music. If finding unique angles with which to approach live music sounds like your thing then stop by this famous and iconic London landmark, located near the Barbican tube station.

Brixton O2 Academy

This is another venue which is part of the O2 rostra of music venues in London. The Brixton O2 Academy is similar to that of the Kentish Town forum in that it has a focus on popular music which spans many genres. Recent acts have included the Pixies, Wilco, Sleaford Mods and Ne-Yo.  One of the things that set’s out the Brixton Academy from its contemporaries is that it is in the heart of Brixton, a cultural and musical hubbub of many different genres spanning from dub to rock and roll. This mean that there are many opportunities in the area to check out a wide ranging selection of music at a unique selection of venues including the Brixton Windmill and Brixton Jamm, often offering very cheap tickets for some of the best up and coming acts.

The Round House

The Roundhouse in Camden is uique in that it focuses on not just music but poetry and experimental performance as well as varying musical genres. Much like the Barbican, the Roudnhouse is a culturl hubbub but with more of a focus on up and coming acts as opposed to already established ones. Recent legendary performers at the Roundhouse include the Jesus and Mary Chain and Ride.

Camden Jazz Café

For a slice no flat engiht culture in the hear tof Camden, the Jazz Café is like no other, With a history of eprformances from the likes of Amy Winehouse, this venue is legendary in its informal and stylish atmosphere where you can sit and relax with a stiff drink and an earful of London’s best in contemporary Jazz musicians.