Summer is fast approaching and that means lighter nights, longer days and a great excuse to get outside and explore. London can get a lot hotter than many visitors realise so you’ll need a summer cooling plan in place! Though the city is often thought of as being a place of drizzle and grey skies, in the summer months London’s temperatures can reach upwards of 25 degrees Celsius without even a wispy cloud to break up the brilliant blue sky. London’s great summer weather makes it the ideal location for a city break or weekend away and there are lots of great offers to take advantage of, such as the Summer Sojourn offer at Park Grand Lancaster Gate. To make the most of your summer sojourn, keeping cool is key.

There are lots of different ways to cool off on hot days in London so here are some of our favourite tips for your convenience…

Wear Layered Clothing

London’s weather can change at a moment’s notice and the mornings can still be chilly even in the height of summer. So many visitors head out in trousers and long sleeves only to find themselves far too hot the minute the sun hits as the day warms up. The best way to keep cool is to wear layers and to simply undress or layer up as and when the temperature changes. This is also a great option if you’re heading out for the entire day, as evenings can also be on the cooler side.

Head to a Local Lido

London has a number of fantastic outdoor swimming pools that are great on a hot and sunny day. All of the city’s lidos make for a fun daytime activity and there are loads to choose from. Popular spots include the Charlton Lido as the water is heated, Tooting Bec Lido as it is the largest open-air swimming pool in the UK and Hampstead Heath Ponds.

Experience ICEBAR London

If you really want to swap the heat for something much, much cooler then head to ICEBAR London. ICEBAR is an indoor bar that is carved entirely from ice, with temperatures reaching an impressive -5 degrees Celsius. Visitors are kitted out with thermal coats and gloves before heading inside to experience everything the bar has to offer, including ice sculptures and cocktails.

Chill Out in a Local Park

When it’s hot in London, the chances are you won’t want to spend your time walking around one of the many indoor attractions as they can get busy and stuffy. Instead, head to a local park. London’s many local and royal parks are ideal places to spend a hot summer’s day and Hyde Park, Richmond Park and St. James Park all have plenty of shaded areas.

The Summer Sojourn offer at Park Grand Lancaster Gate is worth checking out for any visitors that are looking for something special this summer in London. The combination of delicious cocktails, afternoon tea and luxury accommodation is perfect for anyone on a city break or a romantic weekend away. Just remember to bring your sun cream!