Our Insider Take On Unique London


There are many famous cities around the world with their own unique attractions and landmarks, but there’s something about London that makes it different to any other place. It’s the rich history, cultural diversity and vibrant districts that keep millions of people coming back every year.

Any Londoner will tell you that the city is one of a kind and there’s no place like it anywhere in the world.

We’ve put together this blog to celebrate everything that makes London unique, with a list of things that make it one of the greatest cities in the world – you can visit each easily from the Park Grand Hotel, Lancaster Gate.


As the biggest and busiest city in the UK, London has become the home of millions of settlers from around the world. Britain’s capital is a bustling hub of different nationalities, religions and cultures that have come together to create a city full of diversity. Every industry in London has seen the benefits of ethnic diversity, from the vibrant food and drinks market to the legendary music scene. Venture through cultural hotspots like Camden Town and you’ll find a wide assortment of food vendors serving up amazing continental dishes, with recipes from around the world. Take a trip to Soho and experience the sensational nightlife that celebrates all genres of music. The multicultural fabric of London is one of the things that makes the city truly unique.

Iconic Landmarks

Most cities in the world have their own landmarks and attractions but London has some of the most iconic views in the world. From vintage red phone boxes and Beefeater Guards to the London Eye and Big Ben, the city has hundreds of historic landmarks scattered throughout its many boroughs. The sights of London are unmistakable and people from around the world will always recognise the unique imagery from Britain’s capital.

Great public transport

If you’ve ever been on the Tube during rush hour then you may be inclined to complain about the state of London’s public transport system, but when you compare it to other cities around the world it’s clear how good it actually is. There has been a lot of effort over the years put into maintaining the historic subway system, with art installations and refurbishments being carried out in Tube stations all over the city. The Oyster Card system is another great example of how the city helps its residents get where they need to be easily and inexpensively.


There is history around every corner of London and you can always find something new to learn about the city’s past. The rich tapestry of London’s timeline is full of historic milestones and events that have changed the country and the world. Britain’s capital was the birthplace of modern democracy and has lead the way for political, industrial and social change for centuries. Here at the Park Grand Hotel Lancaster Gate we appreciate the amazing history of London and are glad to be part of it.


The art and culture scene in London is like no other. With hundreds of museums, galleries and exhibitions the city is a melting pot of artistic creation and cultural revolution. Visit any of the world-class museums such as the Natural History Museum and you’ll be blown away by the amount of historic treasures and ancient artefacts on display. Take a trip to the National Portrait Gallery or one of the Tate Galleries and see some of the finest works of art from world-renowned creatives. London has been home to some of the greatest minds throughout history and you can see it all at one of the incredible artistic venues around the city.