If you’re Australian, here’s why you should visit London


With the multicultural atmosphere in London, it’s easy to feel welcomed in this city. With dozens of Australian shops, the famous London Australian Film Festival and the growing population of Australians in the city – you’ll no doubt feel at home in some way. Besides, there’ll obviously be no language barrier to worry about. The reason why so many people visit this city is three-fold. One is that it’s full of work opportunities, especially for those who have skills. Secondly, it has a great history. Third, it’s a commercial powerhouse, with many shopping avenues and districts to shop in.

One of the most famous Australian stores is located in Covent Garden and is aptly called the Australia Shop. It features your favourite foods and condiments from back home. Speaking of that, you’ll likely still find some of your favourites in many of the supermarket stores in the city.


With the dozens of nightclubs and events, meeting like minded people is easier than you might think Aussie BBQ has over the years become synonymous with everything about Australian music and is held in Shoreditch every year. The area isn’t too far from the Park Grand Lancaster Gate.

Besides that, the London Australian Film Festival is also hosted here, which just goes to show just how much Australian culture is celebrated in the city. So you should have few qualms about visiting London if you’re Australian and a little hesitant. Out of all the destinations in Europe, it’s arguably the easiest place to visit considering the historical ties between Australia and the UK.

Social grouping

With the advent of Social media, you can find Facebook groups for Australian backpackers and have a fun adventure in the city with like-minded people from back home. With sites like meetup.com, you can meet little groups that have the same interest as yours. In short, there’s never been a better time to visit the capital. Technology has opened the doors to both nomads and families. So book your trip to the capital soon, and discover everything that awaits.