How to Save for Going on a Holiday


The world has shrunk in the past five or six decades thanks to the technological advancements that have taken place in the fields of air travel and communications. What used to be a dream a century ago is now a stark reality. We can now reach the other end of the world within 24 hours and we can see and talk to any person there in the flip of a second. These facilities have increased the thirst for travel and people throughout the world now want to see and experience the various attractions in foreign countries and how their fellow human beings live in those places. Tourism has broken all limits and extended to all parts of the world.

Holiday Funds

Many people are simply not able to give vent to their desires to visit other countries because of paucity of adequate funds. However, there are ways and means to save enough money to be able to go on a sightseeing journey in a country that you have always wanted to visit. Given below are a few tips:

Get Rid of Unhealthy Spending Habits: The trick is to define your essential spending needs and financial commitments and then saving the rest every month in order to gather enough funds for a future travel.

Make a Concrete Travel Plan: You can never be successful in anything you do unless you make a plan. This is also the case for your holiday as you need to delineate exactly where you wish to go, who will go with you, how many days you wish to spend, and what activities you wish to indulge in. Based on such a plan you will have to work out a rough estimate of the money that you will need and then work towards saving that amount.

Depend Less on Your Credit Cards: These cards are a boon but only if you use them judiciously and within your income limits. They do away with the need to carry cash wherever you go and are a very convenient way of shopping. However, credit cards are a big temptation as most people tend to go overboard in their spending without thinking about where the money is going to come from, for paying back the card debts. As such, if you wish to save enough for a foreign trip avoid using the credit card and only spend your cash so that you are aware of what you have and what is left after spending. The Internet is a great way to monitor your credit and debit card activities. Mobile apps are also available for this purpose. You can also rely on a notebook in which you can compare your spending with your financial commitments.

Create a Separate Bank Account: The best way to save enough for your travel funds is to put your monthly savings in a separate bank account or even in a money jar kept at home.
Adjust Your Spending Habits: You must control your urge to spend on things that you want to have. Instead only spend on what you need. Always go to a mall or shopping centre with a concrete plan to buy only your essential needs. Most of the time, we end up buying a lot more than what we really need as we get tempted by sales & promotions.

Travel Savings

If you are visiting London, you can control your expenses by staying at Lancaster Gate hotels as you will save a lot of money both in accommodation cost and in commuting expenses as the hotel is located close to most places of interest.

Prune Your Expenses: There are many ways in which you can cut down unnecessary expenses that you may be incurring every day such as ordering a cup of freshly brewed coffee from the coffee shop next door instead of buying a coffee machine and making your own coffee first thing in the morning or whenever you feel like it. You can also park your car slightly away from your desired destination where you won’t have to pay parking fees instead of parking it right in front of it. Moreover, if you subscribe to a gym for a year, it would be a waste of money if you only go there occasionally. There are many other ways in which you can prune your expenses.

Reduce the Number of Days that You Go Out: If you are used to going out every single day, hanging out at bars and clubs, you will naturally be spending a lot of money. You need to cut down on your going out and try to find cheaper alternatives to have entertainment.

Reduce Eating Out: You can save a lot of money if you cook at home instead of eating out or getting take always. Besides the fact that home cooked food is healthier, eating out regularly will exhaust your funds in no time.

Avail of Mileage and Loyalty Programmes: By subscribing to these programmes of airlines and hotels, you can earn points and exchange these points to get attractive gifts such as a laptop case, a phone or even a charger.

Club Room at Park Grand London Lancaster Gate

Book Your Airlines Tickets and Hotel Rooms Online: By going online, it is easy to compare rates and see which one would suit you the best. Moreover, you won’t need to pay any extra charges to a travel agent.

Read all Saving Tips: By doing more research and reading more website content, you will definitely come up with saving tips that will ultimately mean more savings for you.

Free Yourself from Unnecessary Bondage to Rules: If ever you feel like doing something exciting that will provide a lot of fun, you should just go ahead. Never hesitate from doing anything that you feel will lift your mood. You only live once and as such try to make the most of it.