Hot from the grill: Discover our kebab menu


When you want deliciously tempting food to dig into without having to wander the busy streets of London, our kebab menu is perfect. It’s packed with both meat and vegetarian dishes, giving you plenty of choices no matter what you fancy sampling during your stay at the hotel.

Here at the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Hotel, we bring you a range of tasty food options that take you from breakfast to evening. But from 6:30pm to 9:30pm, you can give your taste buds a treat with our satisfying kebab menu. Whether the sun is shining and you want a hint of BBQ food combined with exotic spices or you want a hearty meal when the weather is chillier, kebabs are perfect.


The tender meat, spiced vegetables, floury bread, and stunning sauce of our kebab dishes are an irresistible combination – it’s a foodie delight you’ll want to fit into your London plans, whether you’re visiting the city for business or pleasure. The excellent prices of our whole range mean that combined with hotel deals in Lancaster Gate, you’ll make a saving to spend on other attractions too.

But what should you be ordering from the kebab menu? We’ve picked out some of the winning dishes for you to order.

Lamb Seekh Kebab – Baked in a traditional clay oven, this seasoned lamb will get your mouth watering. It’s among one of our most popular kebab dishes and guarantees not to leave you disappointed, but you will want more.

Hara Kebab – Whether you want to try something different or you’re looking for a vegetarian dish that delivers in flavour, our hara kebabs are ideal. Chopped spinach, potatoes, and mixed vegetables are blended with exotic spices that pack a punch before being shaped into delicious patties.

Malai Chicken Tikka – Chicken tikka is one of the best loved kebab dishes in the UK, but we’ve given it a tasty twist in this dish. Traditional chunks of succulent chicken tikka are mixed with marinated, cream nuts, yoghurt, and spices, making it ideal for a fresh summer meal.

paneer tikka

Paneer Tikka – Eating veggie doesn’t mean you have to miss out on taste when you eat from our kebab menu. Paneer cheese is used across South Asia, especially India, and it tastes incredible when added to our spice filled sauce.

Lamb chops – If you want a dish that’s traditional while still embracing spices from India, why not try lamb chops? They’re grilled in our tandoori oven with a blend of aromatic homemade spices to create a dish you’ll want to eat again.

All our kebabs are served with a bowl of fluffy rice, soft bread, and flavourful sauce crafted by our leading chef, creating the perfect meal at the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Hotel.

Can’t quite decide which dish you want to order? Then our platters are perfect. With two options, both carnivores and vegetarians can tuck into a whole range of culinary delights when picking between dishes is just too hard.