Historic Lancaster Gate Hotel Has Something Special to Offer

Historic Lancaster Gate Hotel Has Something Special to Offer

The historic Lancaster Gate Hotel has something special to offer this Valentine’s Day 2022, regardless of whether the key to your partner’s heart is through their stomach, flowers or through a bit of good, old-fashioned pampering. Here are just a few of the ways the Park Grand Lancaster Gate can transform your stay in London. 

The most important meal of the day

While breakfast is not always considered to be the most “romantic” meal of the day, it is regularly acknowledged as an important one, as it fuels you for what is to come. How can you have the perfect Valentine’s Day happen if you have failed to start off strong and with the energy you need to take on the day? Here, the Lancaster Gate restaurant has your back with their freshly prepared breakfast served daily from 7.00am until 10.30am Monday to Friday, and 7.30am until 11.00am on Saturday and Sunday. Whether it is through a croissant which transports you to Paris through your taste buds or a fruit salad which makes you feel fresh and ready to enjoy a day of love, Park Grand Lancaster Gate has you covered. 

Stop and smell the flowers 

At the front of the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate, there is a garden and terrace which is adorned with natural wonder in the form of bright flowers and leafy greens. It is the perfect spot to have cocktails and dinner while watching the world go by with your loved one, admiring how wonderful it is to spend this time of year in London.

The opportunity to enjoy nature is not limited to the hotel itself, but can be the purpose of a leisurely stroll through Hyde Park, which is a stone’s throw from the hotel entrance. Given the Valentine’s theme, perhaps a visit to the Hyde Park Rose Garden should be first on the agenda? This patch of beauty is laid out in a trumpet-style and is bursting with fragrance, colour, a pergola and two fountains. A prime spot if there are any important questions you’d like to ask… 

Alternatively, head to the Italian Gardens, a postcard-perfect park within Hyde Park decorated with carved historic pools, fountains, sculptures and walking paths which enable you to marvel at all the wonder. If you were hoping to snap a Valentine’s Day selfie, this definitely checks all the boxes of hashtaggable! 

Afternoon Tea 

Afternoon Tea

There is something about the delicate but delicious spread presented in an Afternoon Tea session that is inherently romantic – maybe it is the attention to detail and effort that you are inherently aware went into slicing those tiny sandwiches and icing the little cakes. Whatever the reason, Lancaster Gate really has something special to offer when it comes to Afternoon Tea, not least because of how many options there are…

Starting with the Valentine’s-centered offering: a special Valentine’s Afternoon Tea is available throughout February. This limited edition spread at the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate will include all the favourites: sandwiches, scones, strawberry mousse, creme delice, raspberry tart, Valentine’s-themed desserts and a bottle of wine to keep the celebratory mood in full swing! 

Advanced booking is required for the Valentine’s-themed Afternoon Tea, but don’t be too disheartened if you aren’t able to secure a place, because the Traditional Afternoon Tea offers pretty much the same spread – minus the wine, but that won’t be tricky to order from the attentive staff looking to make sure you have an experience to remember. 

Other variations include Chocolate Afternoon Tea, which features the expected treats with a distinct chocolate theme throughout, as well as the Indian-inspired Afternoon Tea, which includes everything from spiced scones to Mumbai’s renowned chai-time snack, the ‘Bombay Aloo Bonda Pav’.

Cheers to love 

As a day of rose-smelling and cucumber sandwich eating comes to an end and the sun starts to set and welcome the night, it is time to trade in the cup of Earl Grey for a flute of champagne – or whatever your go-to celebratory beverage of choice is. Head to The Craven Lounge and cheers to love, and to the fact that hotel travel is returning to normal! Why not channel your inner British heart-throb icon James Bond and order a dry martini? Or a strawberry daiquiri, if you would rather start the night off sweet…

Eat your heart out 

Once the cocktails have ensured your appetite is suitably piqued, head to the lounge for a relaxed but fresh and delicious meal. Given Italy’s reputation for romance – or rather, romanza – why not order the bruschetta with tomato and basil, followed by beef lasagne with garlic ciabatta and venigrated salad? Desserts will have to stray from the Italian theme, on the other hand, as the hotel offers a dessert menu which is in its own league…

Boasting a menu to itself, Lancaster Gate Hotel restaurant’s dessert is rather special when it comes to a sweet tooth. Your options include Gulab jamun, which is the national dessert of Pakistan and is a milk-solid-based sweet. There is also the Semiya kheer: The Hindi word Seviyan means vermicelli in English and kheer is a pudding made with milk. Put that together? Heaven. 

All that jazz

It will still be too early to turn in after your romantic dinner. One might assume the cast of Chicago were singing about Old Mary’s when they sang, “Start the car, I know a whoopee spot where the gin is cold but the piano’s hot”. Except maybe not, given that no cars are required to get you to Old Mary’s from Park Grand Lancaster Gate – just a short three minute walk down the road! Don’t worry if it seems like you have found a pub when you arrive. Old Mary’s is found in the basement of The Mitre – just when you thought “speakeasy” couldn’t get any more literal. 

This vibrant cocktail bar serves exciting cocktails to the smooth sound of live jazz and surrounded by classy decor. The perfect end to a pretty perfect day.