Hipsters In London


The rise of the hipster movement in the UK has led to a huge increase in sales of torn jumpers and flannel shirts, but more than that it’s created a new way of life for many people. The hipster’s love of everything vintage has breathed new life into retired trends and products that would otherwise be left to the history books. Thanks to the hipster movement the concept of ‘cool’ has been totally flipped on its head with new trends in fashion, culture and technology.


If you want to delve into the bearded, beanie-wearing world of hipsters then this alternative guide to London will help you find the best hipster hangouts to explore from your base at the Park Grand Hotel, Lancaster Gate.

Junkyard Golf

The classic childhood pastime may not seem like the most edgy thing to do while you’re in London but remember it’s all about vintage when it comes to hipster lifestyle. This unique experience is worlds apart from the traditional multi-coloured awnings and quaint windmills you’ll find at classic mini golf courses. The neon wasteland will have you putting through old washing machines and other discarded junk as you make your way through 18 holes of hipster fun. With graffiti-covered walls and quirky recycled artwork it’s a fun way to spend an alternative afternoon in London.

Cereal Killer Café

Anyone on the hipster scene will have heard of this quirky breakfast café. The unique eatery serves up bowls of breakfast cereal to anyone looking for a classic milk-covered snack that’ll take them back to their childhood. The pop-up café has been talked about in a number of news articles thanks to its huge menu of breakfast cereal from around the world. Visit the quirky eatery and pour your milk over hundreds of different brands, from obscure Japanese cereal to western favourites like Lucky Charms and Coco Pops. Cereal Killer Café often draws in big queues so be sure to get their early if you want to enjoy a bowl of your favourite cereal while watching some vintage cartoons. If standing in line first thing in the morning isn’t for you, dine in at the Park Grand Hotel, Lancaster Gate.

Nudie Jeans Repair Shop

Just a Tube ride away from the Park Grand Hotel Lancaster Gate, this alternative vintage clothes outlet is a great place to update your wardrobe if you’re trying to get the hipster look. Browse the wide selection of unisex jeans, shirts, accessories and other unique garments that are sure to turn heads. The complimentary repair service offered by the in-house denim expert means that you can give life back to your favourite pair of old jeans.

Rough Trade East

The revival of vinyl can be partly attributed to hipsters and their love of everything retro. If you’re a fan of the classic music format then Rough Trade East on Brink Lane is where you’ll find an amazing selection of classic records and new releases. Whatever your preferred genre or artist, you’re sure to find a hidden gem in the crates at this alternative record shop. Enjoy coffee and snacks as you hang out and listen to great music by regularly featured live bands.

KK Outlet

This book store and gallery is about as hipster as it gets, so if you’re looking to experience London’s alternative scene then make sure you stop by this outlet on Hoxton Square. The clean, contemporary shop offers visitors a selection of the best photography and graphic books you can find in London.